The Recruitment process is the most important of all the HR processes for each job. The HR Recruitment process is a chain of activities that are carried out throughout from the employer identifying the recruitment requirements, searching for candidates that are suitable for each employer’s requirements, screening suitable candidates for each field according to the requirements of the employers, selecting the best candidates for the employers to letting them directly interview with the employees. Then the candidates selected need to have vocational training and a second language to adapt to many jobs in different countries in addition to having a health check to ensure that they do not have infectious diseases to work with good health. On the other hand, this process includes completing some visa documents for employees and making plans to manage labor in the host country.

Our recruitment trends and processes Vietnam Manpower

Step 1: Declare candidates’ information

Declaring information helps to know the employees’ learning process, whether the date of birth and age are suitable for the recruitment requirements, information about the marital status to assess the diligence and attachment of the employees as well as declaring information about their hometown in order to have details about the culture of each region and some elements of discipline that doesn’t violate the labour contract in addition to providing experience, competence for job and their potential attached to information about their diploma which is suitable for each position they apply for.

Prioritize candidates’ profiles through: certificates, work experience, specialization, technical competencies and other specific skills required for their task

Prioritize selecting candidates having basic qualifications and criteria

Screen the list of selected candidates who have resumes and make an appointment for an interview.

Step 2: Directly interview, select before testing job skills

After the HR department of Vietnam Manpower has screened a list of the most ideal candidates, business owners will begin to move through the interview stage. Depending on the scale and requirements of the job position, the HR department of business owners could choose the appropriate method.

Interviewing is a two-way process. During this process, the potential candidates will also assess whether this company is the right fit. Hence, please be polite, have a good attitude and respect the candidates in any questions.

Carefully prepare a list of questions in the interview to avoid questions that are abstract, personal, etc.

The interview requires at least 2 positions: the employer’s HR department and the technical department that checks qualification.

Step 3: Vocational aptitude test

After receiving information about the aptitude test, employees registering for the vocational aptitude section, we gather employeess at Vietnam Manpower’s vocational training school to test their language skill, vocational skills, work experience, specialised knowledge, physical strength and sight to select the best workers with full strength, job and language skills.

Step 4: Get a health check

After the employee is confirmed to be employed by the employer, we allow employees to follow the next step which is to check the health of workers at hospitals that meet the standards of medical examination for Vietnamese workers to work abroad. They will check whether the employee has infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Syphilis, HIV. If he/she passes Vietnam Manpower’s health check, we will carry out the next step.

Step 5: Vocational training and occupational safetyIn order to overcome the shortcomings of the employees selected by the employer, Vietnam Manpower will provide the employees with some specialised skills, job skills in accordance with International curriculum and actual requirements of the employers. In addition, we will train labour with safety when working in the factories, constructions sites so that workers could easily catch up with the job as well as the requirements of the employers when they come to work in a new environment.

Step 6: Language training and educational orientationIn order to raise the awareness of working behaviour, while the workers are waiting for the work permission and completing the visa application, Vietnam Manpower trains forein language to employees to know the basic communication in the workplace when they work with native people. In addition to language training, we spend time teaching them the culture, basic laws of the country they work in when they come to work.

Step 7: apply for a visaParty Vietnam: after the employee is recruited, we require a health check and the worker prepares some necessary documents such as passport, no criminal record submitted by Department of Justice, standard photo, degrees, certificates and the confirmation of experience. Party employer: Provide full files of working location and comfirm salary, residence, work permission for employees and then apply Visa.

Step 8: Exit of VietnamAfter the employees have a visa, we will notify them 7 days in advance so that they could prepare personal belongings. We also gather workers 3 days before the flight date to disseminate the flight route and sign a tripartite labor contract as well as coordinating with the employers or brokerage firm to know the flight route to welcome the employees to the accomodation for the most convenience, checking that the number of employees matches the information on air tickets, supporting procedures for employees to enter the waiting room, taking pictures of the flight crew and introducing the team leader to the employer or the person who picks up the workers.

Step 9: Labor ManagementBefore the flight that has workers inside takes off, we must contact the Vietnamese Embassy in the host country in advance to report information on the number of employees working in that country in case they need to be supported in some force majeure cases. For each workplace, there will be a team leader to deal with problems arising during working or outside of working hours. After having a large number of employees, Vietnam Manpower will set up a representative office in that host country to solve the arising problems of employees of Vietnam Manpower.

Vietnam labor recruitment process

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