Oil & gas Industry Manpower​

The oil and gas industry is a key that ensures energy security for each country and around the world. In some global energy forums, this field has a lack of skilled and qualified human resources, which is absolutely a serious problem in the coming decades. The labor shortage in the oil&gas industry is a top concern and a challenge for the industry in attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best, the most reliable human resources. Vietnam Manpower provides full manpower services to Oil & Gas Companies as well as Operation & Maintenance Projects Upstream and Downstream. Vietnam Manpower is a professional recruitment consultant, dedicated to helping every project succeed by providing the right people at the right time to all segments of the oil and gas industry in the shortest time. Knowing that the needs of HR customers are increasingly professional, we have been the most trusted recruitment agency providing services to some professionals who are relevant to the oil & gas industry, both in the offshore and onshore areas. There are some following popular jobs in the oil & gas industry:

Drilling technician

Gas plant operator

Oil rig Mechanic

Pipeline operator


Refinery Plant Operator​