Agriculture Industry Manpower

Vietnam, an agricultural country, has about 80% of the population living in rural areas and working in agriculture, Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s Agriculture and Food superpowers and agricultural production is a major contributor to Vietnam’s export productivity.

For the time being, Vietnamese agricultural workers have the opportunity to access the latest machinery technology, and modern techniques according to the farm models of some agricultural producing countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA, and Israel. In the process of integration with the world economy, Vietnam has been focusing on training high-quality agricultural human resources, investing in machinery, equipment and applying high technology in agricultural production to improve the status of  Vietnamese agricultural products in agricultural markets and international trade.

In addition to the achievements, the application of machinery, equipment, and high technology in agricultural production leads to an abundance of agricultural labor in Vietnam, which creates the opportunity for Vietnam Manpower to attract a large number of candidates through the training to serve our labor export activities. For the Agriculture industry, Vietnam Manpower specializes in providing the following types of highly qualified human resources:

Animal care

Farming Operator

Fruit Harvester

Greenhouse worker

Poultry worker

Pruning worker​