Manpower Supply

VXT Manpower is the leading Manpower Supply Company in Vietnam that owns a professional & experience recruiting network throughout 63 cities & provinces of Vietnam, co-ownership of Vocational training schools, specific Trade test centers with fully equipment & facilities that enable us to always have an extensive databank of potential candidates from Unskilled, Semi-skilled to Skilled categories who are available & ready to fulfil your manpower needs of every level of the job categories.

VXT Manpower takes pride of its extensive and diverse experience in supplying Vietnam Manpower to work abroad for the major industries as below: 

For any of your manpower requirement, our team of experts will deeply analyze and understand your manpower needs, then we start sourcing & collecting the best trained, skilled, and dedicated candidates that suits best to your project needs and to increase your efficiencies and productivity.

When you employ any of our manpower, you will get the highest-quality assistances from our company. Let’s join hands with Vina Manpower, you will be able to save lots of your time, money, and efforts that you can devote to improve your core business processes and enhance the profitability of your organization.

Civil Construction Manpower

Mechanical Industry Manpower

Heavy Equipment Operator

Shipbuilding Industry Manpower

Manufacturing Industry Manpower

Oil & gas Industry Manpower​

Agriculture Industry Manpower

Mining Industry Manpower​

Hospitality Manpower

Healthcare Industry Manpower