Manpower Supply

Vietnam is a developing country in terms of economy, spends 40% of GDP on investment in infrastructure construction and engineering while the construction industry plays an important role in maintaining economic growth. Currently, Vietnam is in the period of having population and human resources at a golden age to make foreign investors invest in Vietnam. Vietnam’s construction industry has witnessed an increase thanks to the huge demand for the construction and engineering industry.

Taking the advantage of having a golden population age, Vietnam trains the current human resources in the construction industry to have professional skills. Vietnam Manpower Supplier has linked the 10 best construction schools in Vietnam to supply human resources to some big construction companies around the world. Vietnamese construction workers are trained in occupational safety, have good working behaviors, and are highly skilled in the field of construction. Our workforce is diverse with so many skilled, dedicated and responsible workers.

The construction industry is one of the most important industries that Vietnam Manpower – VXT GROUP is paying the most attention to. Our workers are equipped with learning the culture of the nation where they are going to work in addition to being trained in having the most professional construction skills along with the spirit of industriousness, and inquisitiveness. we are a supplier of construction human resources in Vietnam that always meet the demand of recruiters and the most rigorous, meticulous and careful companies and corporations around the world. Vietnam Manpower – VXT GROUP provides the following human resources.

Asphalt worker

concrete worker




Pipe fitter​




Shuttering Carpenter

Steel fixer​