Austria: Vietnamese Labor Supply And The Development oF Construction Industry

The construction industry makes an important contribution to Austria’s economic development. With the increasing demand for construction and infrastructure, having a workforce of sufficient force and quality is an important factor. In this context, Vietnamese labor supply has become an important and reliable partner providing human resources for the construction industry in Austria. This article […]

Vietnam Manpower Supply Provides Welder Manpower for the Korean Shipbuilding Industry

Vietnam Manpower Supply is a company that specializes in providing skilled workers, including welders, to various industries, including the Korean shipbuilding industry. The Korean shipbuilding industry is renowned for its expertise and high-quality output, and it often requires a large workforce to meet the demands of building ships for both domestic and international markets. Quality […]

Vietnam-Bulgaria signed a cooperation agreement on labor, employment and social security

Vietnam can provide 50,000 workers in many fields for Bulgaria: construction, textiles, high-tech agriculture, nursing… Cooperation signing ceremony between the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria ( – On November 27, 2018, during a working visit to the Republic of Bulgaria, […]

Manpower Supply: Global manpower solutions provider

Manpower Supply is a global workforce, human resources, and workforce solutions provider. Manpower Supply will provide human resources, labor, and workers globally to provide human resources solutions for corporate companies around the world. Manpower Supply is an international provider of services related to human resource management and workforce deployment. Employers come to Manpower Supply to […]

Sweden: Learn About Vietnamese Labor Supply In Factories

Sweden is a developed country with a strong economy and diverse industry. To meet the labor needs in its factories and businesses, Sweden has sought out labor supply partners like Vietnam. The supply of Vietnamese labor has brought many benefits to Sweden in increasing production and developing industry. Vietnam has an abundant and young workforce […]

Providing human resources to work in Romania

In the early days of 2024, Vietnam Manpower Supply Company signed a contract to supply 100 construction workers, Welders, and Mechanics to work at Concelex Romania Company. With the start of 2024, construction contractors in the Romanian market need to provide thousands of highly skilled workers to work at Romanian construction companies. Workers prepare to […]

Denmark: Vietnamese Labor Supply and Agricultural Development

Denmark, with its diverse terrain and temperate climate, is a country famous for its developed agriculture industry. However, to meet the labor needs in this industry, Denmark has paid attention and sought labor supply partners, including Vietnam. The supply of Vietnamese labor has brought many benefits to Denmark in developing the agricultural industry. What are […]

Ireland: Benefits of Vietnamese Labor Supply In The Welder Industry

The Welder industry plays an important role in Ireland’s economic development. With the growth and expansion of manufacturing and construction companies, the need for highly qualified and specialized labor is increasing. In this context, Vietnamese labor supply has become an ideal partner, bringing many significant benefits to the Welder industry in Ireland. In this article, […]