Vietnam cooperates in providing labor to the richest country in the Middle East

(Dan Tri) – The two labor management ministries of Vietnam and the UAE signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of human resources, unifying labor supply based on the principles of transparency, proper recruitment and fairness. A memorandum of understanding in the field of human resources has just been signed by Minister of Labor, […]

Finland: Why Choose To Supply Vietnamese Labor In The Food Processing Industry?

Finland is a developed country with a diverse and developed food processing industry. With the increase in demand for labor in this field, Vietnamese labor supply has become a reasonable choice and brings many significant benefits. If you are a business in the Netherlands and still have many concerns when choosing to supply Vietnamese labor, […]

Supplying Vietnamese Labor for Factories in Austria

During the development process, one of the important challenges that Austrian factories and businesses face is the lack of qualified labor to meet production needs. To solve this problem, Vietnamese labor supply has become an effective solution, bringing many benefits to both factories in Austria and the Vietnamese labor source. In this article, we will […]

Vietnamese Labor Supply and Spanish Agricultural Development

Agriculture is one of Spain’s important economic sectors, contributing greatly to the country’s development. To meet labor needs in this industry, Spain has sought labor supply from many countries, including Vietnam. The combination of Vietnamese labor supply and Spanish agricultural development has created significant benefits for both sides. This article will review important aspects of […]

The Netherlands and Vietnam’s labor supply: Opportunities in the field of Welder

The Netherlands is a developed country with a strong economy and diverse industry. In particular, the construction and mechanical engineering sectors play an important role, and the supply of high-quality labor contributes significantly to the development of this industry. In particular, supplying Vietnamese labor for the Welder industry is an attractive opportunity for Dutch businesses. […]

Sweden: Ideal partner for Vietnamese labor supply in the Mechanical industry

The mechanical industry plays an important role in a country’s economic development, and Sweden is no exception. With the strong development of the mechanical industry but a shortage of quality human resources, labor supply from Vietnam has become the ideal choice for Swedish businesses. 1. Sweden – Developed mechanical economy: Sweden is known as one […]

Supplying Vietnamese Labor to Denmark: Trends and Benefits in The Construction Secto

Denmark is one of the leading developed countries in Europe, with a strong and growing economy. Currently, with the rapid increase of construction projects, Denmark faces the challenge of a shortage of quality human resources in the construction industry. Therefore, Vietnamese labor supply services are considered the leading effective solution. Vietnamese Construction Workers With the […]

Advantages When Choosing Vietnamese Labor Supply for Food Processing

Food processing is a large industry that plays an important role in the agriculture and food industries. One of the most important factors in the development of this industry is a high-quality workforce, skilled and experienced in food production and processing. In this article, we will learn about the advantages of choosing Vietnamese labor for […]

Top Labor Supply Services For The Swedish Market

The Swedish labor market is increasingly competitive and requires high-quality human resources. To meet this demand, labor supply services have appeared and developed strongly, becoming the first choice of enterprises. In this article, we will learn about the top labor supply services for the Swedish market. Meeting to Discuss Solutions to Supply Labor to Work […]

When should foreign enterprises use labor supply?

For many foreign businesses, finding and hiring employees can be a significant challenge. In some cases, the use of labor supply services is the optimal solution to meet the personnel needs of enterprises. In this article, we will see when foreign businesses should use labor supply. Businesses need to recruit temporary or short-term employees When […]