Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency

Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency is a global human resources and human resources solutions provider. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of labor supply, Vietnam Manpower Agency has provided more than 32 thousand workers to work globally. Occupations and human resources services Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency provides such as hiring human resources, […]

Human Resource Training And International Manpower Supply

Vietnam Manpower Supply human resource training and international human resource supply is an important field in the current globalization context. Developing and providing human resources not only meets domestic needs but also serves the international labor market, bringing many economic, social and cultural benefits. Vietnam Manpower Supply shares below some key aspects of human resource […]


Human resources team recruitment companies, like Vietnam Manpower Supply, play a key role in this effort, connecting businesses with skilled, experienced individuals from a variety of industries in a professional, professional manner. Helps the process of finding and recruiting personnel and workers as quickly as possible to support the business of each business and company. […]

Manpower Supply:Top 6 jobs Vietnamese workers want to work in Europe

Many employers in European countries (Poland, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia…) have difficulty finding workers. labor and they look for Vietnamese workers. But many companies and employers in Europe do not know what job abilities and interests they have? Vietnam Manpower Supply Vietnam Human Resources Overall, in 2023, the […]

Top best recruitment companies in Vietnam: International labor recruitment agency

You are looking for Vietnamese recruitment companies, reliable international labor recruitment agencies to help you recruit Vietnamese workers for your company in countries outside Vietnam but you don’t know. Which unit is trustworthy and has experience in recruitment? Don’t worry we will help you solve this problem! In this article, we will provide you with […]

Top 8 Most Reputable Welder and Mechanical Machining Manpower Supply Companies in Vietnam

Shipbuilding, construction, and manufacturing companies and corporations in the world are looking for the best welders and mechanical workers in Vietnam. In this article, we give you the 8 leading companies in Vietnam for Providing the most prestigious welders and mechanical workers in Vietnam Top 8 best Manpower Supply Companies in Vietnam – Welder 3G, […]

Top 8 best Manpower Supply Companies in Vietnam

Vietnam currently has an abundant labor force compared to many countries in the region and the world. The total population of Vietnam in 2020 is 97,757,118 people, the third most populous country in Southeast Asia, of which 54.56 million people (accounting for nearly 58% of the population) are of working age. . The proportion of […]