Mechanical Industry Manpower

   The mechanical Industry is a particularly important industry for the development and progress of the world economy. Mechanics are the ones who perform and work on the largest types of projects. They are involved in all project work such as vehicles, machinery, electrical systems, ports, oil and gas, energy, engines, ships, aircraft, physical products and their manufacturing processes

The focus on infrastructure and economic development has created many opportunities for skilled, experienced and qualified mechanical manpower. The huge demand for mechanical manpower which is increasing at overwhelming speed has also created a supply-demand gap in this industry. As the demand increases gradually, it is difficult to find dedicated manpower and in fact, a lot of projects are delayed due to this lack of manpower. With more than 20 years of experience in helping Vietnamese mechanical manpower to work abroad. Vietnam Manpower – VXT Group commit to providing quality and skilled human resources to meet your human resource needs in the near future, which allows you to always complete your projects on time with efficiency and profit. When it comes to the Mechanical industry, Vietnam Manpower – VXT Group specializes in providing the following types of highly qualified and experienced human resources:

CNC operator



Lathe Operator


Pipe fitter

Shear Cutting Worker

Spay painter