Board of Managerment

VXT Manpower is a member of Construction Group in Hanoi that is operated by a Group of Experts who have wide range of experience in Manpower Supply Industry and in Building Infrastructure Industry of Vietnam. Hereby is the board of directors under the Chairmanship of VXT Manpower that set the course of the company and ensures that its credibility, reputation and profitability that has witnessed rapid growth during over 15 years, not only remain intact but new ideas and new concepts take a definite shape so that the company could keep pace with the changing business environment and continue to be the leader Manpower Supply Company in Vietnam.

The Board consists of:

Eng- Mr. Nam Nguyen Quang

Vice General Director
Mr. Nam is one of our four Vice General Directors of VXT Manpower. He is an international welding expert with over 16 years of experience in building infrastructure industry. He directly participated in series of the industrial construction projects such as: Oil and Gas projects, Petrochemical Refinery projects, Thermal Power projects, Shipbuilding projects and Mechanical & Engineering factories both in Vietnam and Overseas.

Mr. Nam plays a very important role for all manpower needs related to the mechanical & engineering sectors. He directly participate in analyzing the details of specific required position, assessing the actual technical needs of partners, then combine with all other functional departments in VXT Manpower to conduct the selection of the right person for the right job in the fastest & most effective manner