Manufacturing Industry Manpower

In the 21st century, the role of manufacturing is to promote the development of the global economy, Vietnam, which is a country with a large population, and a relatively expansive population pyramid has begun to enter the period of “gold population structure” with the most abundant human resources ever. As of December 31st, 2021, the population of Vietnam is more than 98.51 million people, of which the population of working age is 68.3 million people while the labor force is 68.1%. Recent population growth has led to an increase in the young skilled workforce. The development of the economy drives global growth continuously when it comes to the demand for manufactured goods. Globally, manufacturing output continued to grow by about 3.1% annually in some advanced economies and 6.3% in major developing economies (from 2012 to 2018). Besides, in order to meet human demand, the industry is highly expanded with diverse types such as the electronics industry, chemical industry, energy industry, textile industry, food and beverage industry, and plastic industry. In addition, every year, due to the establishment of a lot of production companies; this industry always requires a large amount of manpower for production jobs. Currently, because Vietnam’s human resources are at the golden point of the young population, Vietnamese workers have a chance to work in large industrial clusters. Some large corporations are also investing in Vietnamese workers. Vietnam also engages in overseas labor for large corporations in industrial and export processing zones. As a professional recruitment agency for overseas jobs, Vietnam Manpower – VXT GROUP provides customers with Vietnamese workers and technicians in the manufacturing industry in the following fields:

Beverage Industry

Electronics worker

Food processor

Garment worker

Machine operator

Production line worker