Finland: Why Choose To Supply Vietnamese Labor In The Food Processing Industry?

Finland is a developed country with a diverse and developed food processing industry. With the increase in demand for labor in this field, Vietnamese labor supply has become a reasonable choice and brings many significant benefits. If you are a business in the Netherlands and still have many concerns when choosing to supply Vietnamese labor, […]

Supplying Vietnamese Labor for Factories in Austria

During the development process, one of the important challenges that Austrian factories and businesses face is the lack of qualified labor to meet production needs. To solve this problem, Vietnamese labor supply has become an effective solution, bringing many benefits to both factories in Austria and the Vietnamese labor source. In this article, we will […]

Advantages When Choosing Vietnamese Labor Supply for Food Processing

Food processing is a large industry that plays an important role in the agriculture and food industries. One of the most important factors in the development of this industry is a high-quality workforce, skilled and experienced in food production and processing. In this article, we will learn about the advantages of choosing Vietnamese labor for […]

What is the solution when foreign farms lack manpower?

Many foreign farms are facing a serious shortage of human resources, affecting their production and business capabilities. However, the good news is that there are many solutions to help these farms, of which labor supply is one of the most popular. Businesses can find qualified and experienced workers from labor supply partners, especially Vietnamese labor […]

Training and supply of food processing human resources for the Dutch market

The Dutch food processing market is growing strongly and there is an increasing demand for recruitment of more workers to meet production needs. For companies in the food processing industry, recruiting and supplying high-quality workers is one of the core factors to ensure production and competition in the market. With many years of experience in […]

The reason construction projects in Hungary choose the service of supplying welders

Training and supplying 6G . welders

Welder is one of the important professions in the manufacturing and construction industry. However, like many other countries, Hungary is also facing a shortage of welders. Therefore, the service of supplying welders from Vietnam has become an effective solution for Hungarian businesses in finding high-quality human resources. So, why do construction projects in Hungary choose […]

Which labor supply service should foreign partners choose?

If you and your business are looking for solutions to improve production efficiency, enhance competitiveness and reduce human costs, supplying labor from Vietnam is one of the best solutions. This article will help foreign partners learn and choose the labor supply service that best suits their needs. Construction industry The construction industry is developing strongly […]

Discover the process of supplying skilled tailors for Japanese companies

Many Japanese companies are facing a shortage of human resources in the garment industry. With the goal of expanding production and accessing new markets, the company is looking for a solution to supply a team of skilled tailors. In this article, we will learn about the process of supplying skilled tailors for a Japanese company. […]

Supplying Manpower to Work in Lithuania – Manpower Solutions

Economic and Employment Overview With a total GDP of 78.95 billion USD, equivalent to 26,700 USD per capita in 2014, Lithuania has the largest economy of the Baltic countries. Although Lithuania was hit hard by the last financial crisis, it has recovered faster than any other country in the European Union and has seen total […]