With a shortage of worldwide high-tech welders, the Vietnam Manpower Supplier-Vxt group has established a training center supplying  high-tech welders according to American AWS, ASME, Europe EN 287-1, EN 287-2, ISO-17024. With a team of experts, teachers and quality managers in the welding technology branch to train the best welders for supplying them to the Petro construction corporation, the shipyards, which structures around the world.

Welder training center according to AWS, ASME, DNV,ABS, VR, LR standards.

Our the best supervisory teams are all recognized by associations worldwide

With more than 10 years working at manpower supply field 3G-6G, we are the leading suppliers of skilled workforce in Vietnam, especially the supply of human resources for large projects in Vietnam such as the Ca Mau gas-power-fertilizer in 2008 with the Semen in Germany and Dooman in Korean contractors. Moreover, in 2006, we provided welders and installed technological pipes for Technip – France contractor to build the Dung Quat refinery in addition to supplying manpower for welders and installers for Misubisi Corporation-Japan to construct Thermal Power project. Besides, in 2015 we supplied 3G-6G welders for Nghi Son Refinery and petrochemical Complex in Thanh Hoa province and some contracting companies such as: Tecnicas-Spain, JGC-Japan, Technip-France. More than that, we provided 3G-6G welders for Interl chip project for Sam Sung contractor in 2009 as well as supplying them to weld pressure pipes, white steel pipes, alloy pipes for Huyndai group- Korea in 2012 to construct Mong Duong Thermal Power project in Quang Ninh. In 2021, we also supplied high pressure pipe welders, structural installer for Long Son-Vung Tau Refinery & Petrochemical Complex project and some major contractors such as Tichnip – Malaisia, Sk – Korea, Sam Sung E&C, Linde – Germany, MESS – Japan, Huyndai – Korea, Hanwha – Korea, Posco E&C – Korea, PVC MS – Viet Nam

Manpower supply project consisting of welders, fitters for Nghi Son Refinery Complex- Thanh Hoa-Viet Nam

Manpower supply project consisting of welders, fitters for Ca Mau gas-power-fertilizer-Viet Nam

Manpower supply project consisting of welders, pipe fitters for Quang Ngai Refinery Complex-Viet Nam

Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT GROUP is a reputable human resource supplier in Viet nam specializing in providing high quality human resources working in the professional working environment which has industrial working behavior, labour discipline and occupational safety, which means that we could meet the human resources working in oil refining and petrochemistry, gas construction, heavy industry, oil and gas extraction. All the elements require experienced workers especially the welding industry is a specific one that needs high skills, each weld of our welders is tested by many non-destructive methods such as UT, RT,….. In addition, our welders understand the welding process and weld many materials such as white steel; titanium; copper; aluminum…. Not only do we supply welders, pipefitters and structural installers but we also supply manpower for key projects in Viet Nam.

In addition to projects in Vietnam, we have received credibility from so many construction companies and some projects. Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a human resource supplier in some countries that have the development of the oil sector and heavy industry from The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Korea, Europe, Japan, China to large contractors and corporations. Apart from that, we provided welders and installers for the Gosp ABC project- El Shara Gospa  group in UAE. Likewise, in 2010, we provided welders and shipwrights for heavy shipbuilding Drydocks whose plant is located in Dubai. In 2012, we supplied welders, pipefitters, structural installers for SK group-Korea and Aramco refinery and petrochemical complex project in Saudi Arabia. In 2013, we provided welders and pipefitters for Doosan Group -Korea and Thermal power project in Saudi Arabia. In 2014, we also provided welders, pipefitters for the gas project of Ogas Co. L.L.O Group- UAE and supply the latter to Vard Group as shipbuilding Norway working at the Romania factory. In 2016, we supplied welders, installers and mechanical contractors for SINOPEC – China at the oil refining and thermal power project in Saudi Arabi. In 2020, we supply white steel welders, pipefitters for Irem Group – Italy working for refinery and petrochemical project in Hungary. In 2021, we supplied ship welders, hull assemblers, painters for JW company – Poland and Hyundai Corporation (HHI) in Ulsan-Korea. In 2022, we will supply 1000 welders, installers, builders for Italy’s Irem group to execute some projects in Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Manpower supply for refinery and petrochemical complex constructed by SINOPEC –China- Saudi Arabia group


Manpower supply for refinery and petrochemical complex constructed by SK – Korea  – Aramco group in Saudi Arabia

Manpower supply for Hyundai (HHI) – Ulsan – Korea shipyard

Manpower supply for refinery and petrochemical complex constructed by Irem – Italia group in Hungary

With more than 10 years working in the field of supplying high-quality human resources with some key projects about energy of some nations around the world, our group- Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT GROUP is looking forward to bringing the highest quality of labor services which are trained according to the standards of the most developed countries in the world having heavy industries such as shipyard, oil. We aim to be the top supplier of human resources in the world about welders, pipe fitters, machining machinery, assembling hulls….

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