If you and your business are looking for solutions to improve production efficiency, enhance competitiveness and reduce human costs, supplying labor from Vietnam is one of the best solutions. This article will help foreign partners learn and choose the labor supply service that best suits their needs.

  1. Construction industry

The construction industry is developing strongly in the world, especially in countries with developed economies such as Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. However, some foreign enterprises have difficulty in finding human resources to carry out construction projects. Therefore, using labor supply from Vietnam can be a good solution for these cases.

However, to ensure labor quality and production efficiency, foreign partners should choose experienced and reputable labor supply services in this field. Labor supply companies should have a process for selecting and training employees to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to perform jobs in the construction industry.

Vietnamese Construction Workers

  1. Mechanical industry 

Mechanical engineering is one of the important industries of a country, contributing to many different fields such as manufacturing machinery, equipment, ships, aircraft, automobiles, shipbuilding industry, energy, etc.

But finding skilled mechanics can be a challenge for foreign businesses, especially with the shortage of mechanical workers in many countries.

Supplying Vietnamese labor for the mechanical industry is an effective solution for foreign enterprises. Finding and recruiting high-quality workers from Vietnam can help reduce the risks of finding talent in a competitive labor market and reduce recruitment costs.

Vietnamese Mechanical Workers

  1. Garment Industry

In the garment industry, one of the important factors is skill and high skill. Therefore, the labor supply unit must ensure the quality of employees to meet the requirements of foreign partners. This requires the unit to have a recruitment process, check labor skills and quality, provide training, support issues related to salary policy, insurance and other labor-related issues.

Vietnamese Textile and Garment Workers

  1. Agriculture industry

For the agricultural industry, especially jobs that require labor and skills such as gardening, taking care of crops, harvesting, and supplying labor from Vietnam, there are many outstanding advantages.

Besides labor supply services, choosing the right labor supply unit will play an important role in the efficiency of an enterprise, especially when foreign partners need to find labor sources to serve production and business. To ensure their rights and interests, enterprises need to evaluate and select a reputable and experienced labor supply unit, capable of ensuring labor quality, while ensuring the rights of workers. That way, foreign enterprises will achieve cooperation and sustainable development with their labor supply partners.

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