Irem is an Italian company with 43 years of experience in the construction industry and the construction of oil and gas projects. Irem Group is also an award-winning general contractor on a project of Mol Group, which is the investor in the project expanding the Polyol complex with an investment of up to 1.3 billion euros in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary. Because of strict requirements on quality as well as construction progress, Irem Group needs about 2000–3000 skilled workers such as welders (6 G SS Tig & Arc), welders (6 G CS Tig & Arc), pipe filers, pipe supports, steel erectors, erectors, welding foremen, piping foremen, painter foremen, insulation foremen, capenters, riggers, etc.

Oil refinery project in Hungary – Vietnam Manpower Supplier Supplying manpower for welders, pipe fitters

After many years of having worked and used Vietnamese workers, the contractor Irem has highly appreciated the working skills of Vietnamese workers with some tasks that require a high level of skills in job performance. Through many projects, Vietnamese workers have accompanied Irem contractor with so many projects around the world .

But the workers of Vietnam Manpower Supplier are preparing to test their skills

With the appreciation of the capacity and skills of Vietnamese workers, the contractor of the Mol Group project in Hungary has selected Vietnamese workers to work on and execute the project for which Ireland won the bid. We are a labor supply company, Vietnam Manpower, selected as a labor supplier for Irem Group to build a project in Hungary.

We signed a contract to supply laborers such as welders (6 G SS Tig & Arc), pipe filterers, pipe supporters, steel erectors, erectors, welding foremen, piping foremen, painter foremen, insulation foremen, capenters, and riggers after negotiating salary, working conditions, meals, accommodation, insurance, and travel as well as considering the date of recruitment in Vietnam, which is March 22, 2021 as starting the direct recruitment exam for skilled candidates to work for Irem Group at Mol Group’s project in Hungary.

After three recruitment days from March 22, 2021, to March 28, 2021, we had 400 skilled workers applying for many of the jobs mentioned above. Irem Group was very satisfied with the quality of Vietnamese labor and has recruited 150 candidates for the first phase to work for Irem Group in Hungary.

Preparing to test the skills of 6G Welders of Stainless Steel

The process of checking stainless steel welders’ skills is supervised by experts from IREM Group

Experts check the appearance of each candidate’s welds

Preparing to test the skills of the Pipe Fitting

Inspection experts directly assess pipe fitter’s skills through drawings and practice

We are the leading labor supplier from Vietnam, with nearly 20 years of participation in the global labor supply field which has qualified labor according to quality inspection standards from America to Europe, bringing the best labor supply services around the world.



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