Many Japanese companies are facing a shortage of human resources in the garment industry. With the goal of expanding production and accessing new markets, the company is looking for a solution to supply a team of skilled tailors. In this article, we will learn about the process of supplying skilled tailors for a Japanese company.

According to reports from the Japan Garment Federation, Japan’s garment industry is facing a serious shortage of human resources. Meanwhile, the demand for garment production is still increasing due to the development of the fashion industry. In particular, uniforms and specialized clothing are the industries with the highest demand for tailors in Japan.

Providing human resources for tailors

Vietnam is one of the countries with a developed garment industry and has many years of experience in this field. Vietnam is currently supplying garment workers to many markets such as the US, Japan, Korea and European countries. The supply of tailors from Vietnam to Japanese companies brings many advantages such as:

With the above advantages, the Vietnamese garment labor force is becoming a reliable partner for Japanese enterprises. Companies can be confident that the employees provided from Vietnam will have high professional qualifications and experience, helping to ensure product quality.

Moreover, with the support of reputable labor supply companies such as Vietnam Manpower Supplier, Japanese businesses can save time and costs in the process of recruiting and training employees. Businesses just need to make a request and a professional staff will help find, recruit, and train the right staff.

The process of supplying good tailors for Vietnamese workers includes the following steps:

Step 1: Selection of candidates with priority qualifications and basic criteria

Step 2: Direct interview, selection, and job skill testing

Step 3: Job skill testing

Step 4: Health check

Step 5: Vocational training and occupational safety to suit the working environment in Japan

Step 6: Language training and orientation education

Step 7: Visa Application

Step 8: Exit

Step 9: Labor management

It can be seen that the above process is carried out with clear steps in order to achieve the ultimate goal of providing Japanese businesses with the best quality and the most suitable labor resources for the business needs.

The supply of Vietnamese garment workers is a reasonable solution for Japanese enterprises that are short of human resources. For more information about the service, partners, please contact HOTLINE (+84) 982.03.03.66 or EMAIL: for advice!


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