We are a labor supplier from Vietnam Manpower Supplier specializing in supplying labor to work in European countries. The number of foreigners entering the European labor market is increasing, marking the beginning of the period when the EU economy is legally dependent on migrant workers. Owner correlation - started to change from about 2015. The gap is more and more, the human resources are getting further and further away. Owner needs to do, waiting for people. From Western Europe, France, Germany, Italy, to Eastern Europe, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, the number of vacancies to be filled each year is higher than the previous year, only a slight decrease in the pandemic year and then an increase in the number of vacancies. in almost every industry. There is a shortage of computer engineers, nurses or housekeepers, to help with restaurant kitchens, waitresses, or construction workers… all of them are lacking.

Mr. Sergio Estela – Confederation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture of Spain said: “The people I need are people with professions such as electric machines, machinery, plumbing. Need more workers, the sooner the sooner. good.European Union has set up a gap to help businesses recruit workers, totaling 700,000 jobs. trained public”.

Supply Masons

In less than 10 years, the number of jobs needed has doubled. Unemployment is particularly low in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland, at less than 3%. Overall, the 28 member states of the European Union is 6.1%, the lowest rate ever.

That’s a far cry from 2013, the peak of the labor market crisis. At that time, 12% of Europeans of working age were unemployed.

Vietnam Construction General Association (VFCEA), the quality of human resources in the construction industry in Vietnam is increasing, the number of workers in the construction industry will increase even more. It is forecast that the labor demand of the construction industry will increase by about 400,000 – 500,000 workers per year. The number of laborers working in the Construction industry in 2030 may reach about 12-13 million people.

Supply of construction labor

With the strong development of the construction industry and Vietnam’s construction workforce up to 11 to 12 million construction workers, We Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a leading supplier of construction manpower from Vietnam. South supply human resources for the European market, we have supplied construction manpower from Norway, Supply of construction manpower from Poland, Supply of construction manpower from Finland, Supply of human resources for Construction of Sweden, Supply of human resources for Construction of Sweden. Danish construction labor supply, French construction labor supply, Italian construction labor supply, Austrian labor supply, Icelandic labor supply, Irish construction labor supply, construction labor supply Spain, Portugal construction manpower supply, Hilap construction manpower supply, Slovakia construction manpower supply, Hungary construction manpower supply, Romania Construction manpower supply, Construction manpower supply Croatian Construction, Lithuanian Construction Manpower Supply, Austrian Construction Manpower Supply, Sec Construction Manpower Supply, Bulgarian Construction Manpower Supply. We have signed a cooperation agreement to supply labor for 80 companies and large construction groups in Europe

Construction corporations from Europe come to Vietnam Manpower to cooperate

Construction corporations from Europe come to Vietnam Manpower to cooperate

Construction corporations from Europe come to Vietnam Manpower to cooperate

We are the leading human resource supplier in Vietnam, Vietnam Manpower Supplier provides the best construction manpower supply service with the best quality of qualified and skilled workers trained with the best construction process. The best in the construction industry, to ensure the quality of the construction work of each contractor, the owner comes from Europe.

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