On average, Vietnam spends  40% of GDP each year on investment in building infrastructure and engineering for constructions, industries, urbanization, and services. Vietnam’s current workforce in the construction industry is trained about professional skills. Because of the fact that Vietnam is a country with the rejuvenation of human resources, Vietnam Manpower Supplier has linked the top 10 of the best schools training this major to provide human resources for big construction corporations around the world. Chosen workers are trained in labour safety and industrial style and highly skilled in the field of construction; therefore, our workforce is diverse, skilled, dedicated and responsible for work. The human resource is one of the important roles in the construction field that Vietnam Manpower – VXT GROUP is paying the most attention to. Hence, workers recruited are equipped with cultural knowledge of countries where they are going to work as well as their qualification for job.

We are a Vietnamese construction manpower supplier meeting the most demanding, meticulous and careful companies and corporations in the world. It is obvious that our company has been the most dominant for the time beings. In this field, we have 16  multi-national construction corporations in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Secbia, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East and so on. We have supplied over 10 thousand people to work abroad in the fields of construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and mining. Our construction partners work in Romania, particularly  Concelex, Bog’art, Baustark and Ebasu companies have provided 1650 workers in the field of housing construction. Other examples about our cooperation are Irem company in Italy (300 highly skilled builders in the field of construction, oil refining and petrochemicals), S&P – Greece (350 employees), Mapa – Turkey (1000 workers) and SK – Korea (500 workers).

We always have good standards and targets to ensure for our customers when choosing our human resources.Our construction workers are divided into many categories such as concrete workers, scaffolding workers, cultivators, bricklayers, plasterers, bricklayers, and construction electricians. They have a lot of experience and edification, adapt in new working environments quickly, and harmonize with the host country’s employees.

Workers equipped with skills and protective gear

Test of tying steel fixer skills

Carpenter’s Skill Test


The employer’s direct recruitment of Vietnam Manpower workers’ skills

The owner’s inspection

Trade test Mason

Trade test Mason

Trade test Brichklayers

Trade Test Plasterer

Trade Test Painter

Testing electrician and plumber skills at Vietnam Manpower

Trade Test Welder

 Trade Test Scraffold

Simulate the skills of workers to read drawings

With 14 years of operation in Vietnamese construction human resource supply, we have a team including experts, engineers and skilled workers who are trained based on Vietnam’s international standards. Manpower Supplier – VXT Group is a unit evaluated by the Vietnam Human Resource Supply Association for many consecutive years as the highest ranked unit in terms of human resource quality and team  management in Vietnam. Along with the experience of providing more than 10 thousand workers to work in the Arab Emirates – UAE, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and Australia, we wish to supply the best global service of construction and installation human resource for construction corporations.

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