For many years, the shortage of local labor in Romania has created favorable conditions for Vietnamese human resource suppliers to supply Vietnamese laborers to work in Romania. Romania is a country where 4 million people emigrate to other countries to work for higher wages, according to a recent study by the US seasonal labor supply company Manpower, where four out of five Romania employers meet. difficulty in recruiting human resources.

Industries that have a shortage of manpower and labor are needed by Romania employers such as Welders, mechanical manpower supply, construction worker manpower supply, meat processing manpower supply, supply factory labor supply, tailor labor supply, chef labor supply, fish processing labor supply, chicken and poultry slaughterer labor supply, worker labor supply bread making, factory labor supply, carpenter labor supply, mason labor supply, painter labor supply, plasterboard worker labor supply, mason labor supply bricklaying, supplying ironworker labor, supplying aluminum and glass workers, providing electrician labor.....
Vietnamese Labor Mason
                                                                        Trade test Mason

Check the skill of stone tilers
Check the skill of stone tilers
Trade test Mason Blok
Trade Test Painter
Trade Test Plasterer
Test of tying steel fixer skills

Trade Test Scraffold

Trade Test Scraffold

Test your plumber’s skills

Test your skills of electricians
Test the skills of welders working around the world
Test the skills of Pipe Fiter working around the world
The employer went to Vietnam to directly test for tailoring skills to get the best labor
The employer checks the method of preparing pork by Vietnamese workers
Direct Interviews by employers for sausage processing company
Direct Interviews by employers for sausage processing company

In recent years, Vietnam Manpower has been a leading company from Vietnam supplying Vietnamese laborers to work in Romania, especially in cities and localities in Romania such as Bucarest, Ploiesti, Constanta, brasov, Tulcea, Lasi , Vrancea, Cluj, Napoca, Olt…

Vietnam Manpower is a leading supplier in Vietnam that has signed over 60 companies using Vietnamese labor services such as Bogat, Somaco, Agil, Marifol, Bau Star, Pero, Concelex, Ebasu, Bravcod, Arecr, Smithfi , Mondia, Axo, Deko Rame, Woma, Dabacco, Vard, Mrirad, Maxstruck.........
We are the leading enterprise in Vietnam licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor for Vietnamese workers to work in Romania

Romanian employers come to recruit workers and cooperate with Vietnam Manpower

Vietnamese labor union flies to work in Romania

Vietnamese labor union flies to work in Romania

We are a labor supplier Vietnam Manpower with 20 years of experience in the labor supply industry. We are looking forward to cooperating with partner companies in Romania and throughout Europe.

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