New Zealand is a country with a developed economy and the agricultural sector contributes greatly to this country’s economy. However, in recent years, New Zealand has been experiencing a shortage of human resources in the agricultural sector, which is affecting the development plan of this industry. So how to solve this problem? One of the solutions is the supply of labor from Vietnam – a country with an abundant and experienced workforce in the agricultural sector.

According to a report by the New Zealand Department of Agriculture, in recent years, the country’s agricultural sector is experiencing a shortage of manpower. This has been affecting New Zealand’s agricultural production and exports.

Vietnamese labor supply companies bring solutions to help New Zealand solve the problem of labor shortage in the agricultural industry. Employers in New Zealand can look for reputable labor supply companies to find workers. With experience in finding and supplying the right human resources to the business requirements, these companies will ensure a skilled and capable workforce to work effectively in the agricultural sector.

So, what benefits does the supply of Vietnamese labor bring to the New Zealand agricultural industry?

The supply of Vietnamese labor to New Zealand’s agricultural sector brings diversity in terms of human resources, especially in meeting the demand for temporary workers. Therefore, hiring Vietnamese workers is an effective solution for local businesses in New Zealand to meet the demand for human resources in the short term.

The Vietnamese workforce is well-trained and considered highly skilled, which allows them to quickly adapt to jobs in the agricultural sector. Besides, Vietnamese labor supply services can also help enhance the competitiveness of New Zealand businesses in the international market by providing a low-cost workforce while ensuring product quality.


In the context that the industry is facing many challenges such as labor shortage, the supply of Vietnamese labor can be an effective solution for New Zealand. Hiring Vietnamese workers helps to increase human resources for the agricultural industry and meet the demand for labor This helps businesses in New Zealand save training costs and minimize many problems arising in the recruitment process.

With the outstanding advantages of Vietnamese workers and New Zealand’s economic development potential, the supply of Vietnamese labor to New Zealand’s agricultural sector can greatly contribute to the sustainable development of both countries.

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