Why Europe lacks Welders in shipbuilding and heavy industry?

The European Statistics Agency has just released official data showing that the unemployment rate in the European Union has dropped to 6.1%, the lowest level not seen since Europe began to collect statistics. system, in 1998. However, the European labor market in early 2023 continued to have a serious shortage of human resources.

In Europe, the European Welding Federation (EWF) estimates that there is a shortage of around 300,000 welders. Especially countries with developed heavy industry such as Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Czech, UK, Italy, Hungary, France, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, there is a shortage of human resources for welders. International certificate.

Tes Welder Viet nam

Vietnam Manpower Welder Manpower Test

The number of foreigners entering the European labor market is increasing, a sign of the beginning of the period when the EU economy depends on migrant workers. The employer-employee relationship started to change around 2015. The vacancies are increasing, and human resources are increasingly rare. The owner needs workers, the job is waiting for people. From Western Europe, France, Germany, Italy, to Eastern Europe, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy the number of vacancies need to be filled. every year is higher than the previous year, only a slight decline during the pandemic year and then skyrocketing in almost every profession 3G Welder, 6G Welder, Mechanic, Structural Installer…..

Labor supply capacity of 3G welders, 6G welders in Vietnam to work in Europe

Currently, Vietnam has a working-age population. The labor force participation rate in the first nine months of 2022 is estimated at 68.5%, up 0.9 percentage points over the same period last year. Industry and construction sector 17 million people, accounting for 33.4%; Especially Vietnamese people have skillful hands in the field of 3G Welders, 6G Welders, Mechanical Machinists currently Vietnam has a surplus of 25,000 to 30,000 Welders and Machinists due to the shipbuilding industry and Heavy industry went bankrupt due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Supplying 3G, 6G welders according to certificates of AWS, EN, ISO associations

Vietnam Welder Quality? Supplying welders according to AWS, EN, ISO certification standards.

Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a leading company in Vietnam in the field of human resource supply, 3G welders, and experienced 6G welders trained according to American standards AWS D1.1 2020 and American Standards. USA ASME – IX – 2021, Welder supply training according to European standards EN 287-1, EN287-2.

International team of experts in the field of welding training

Viet Nam Manpower is the first company in Vietnam to experiment with international Korean processes in the field of training and supplying welders in Europe and supplying welders globally, Applying rigorous standards in the field of Ship Welding, International Boiler Welding to train and test welders to provide the best skilled welders worldwide.
Training and supplying 3G welders
                                                     Training and supplying 3G welders
Training and supplying 6G . welders
                                                   Training and supplying 6G Gtaw + Smaw . welders

                                             Training and supplying 6G Gtaw . welders
                                                    Welder's Qualification Test Certificate
Supply capacity of Korean workers, Shipbuilding companies and corporations we supply welders to work in Europe

Vietnam Manpower Supplier is the leading supplier of 3G welders, supplying 6G welders in Vietnam for the past 10 years in the European and Asian markets, with customers being shipbuilders from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. , Romania, Korea with thousands of welders have been supplied by us to companies such as, supplying 6G stainless steel welders for Irem Group to build oil refineries in Hungary, Supplying 3G, 4G welders. Fcaw for Spawrem Poland Shipbuilding Group, Supply of 6G Welder labor for Stakotra Group working in Slovakia, Supply of Welder labor for Vard Shipbuilding Corporation to work in Romania, Supply of 3G Fcaw Welder labor for shipyard Gomet Romania, Supplying 3G welders to ship Western Shipyarb Blrt Group, Especially in 2023 we have supplied 300 3G, 6G welders for large shipbuilding corporations from Korea such as Hunydai , Sam Sung, Daewoo, Supplying welders for Mitsubishi Corporation Japan.

Supplying 3G welders for Vard . Group Roamnia

Supplying 3G welders for Vard . Group Romania

Training and supplying 6G Inox welders for Irem Hungary Group

Supplying 3G welders for Gomet Romania

Supplying 3G, 4G welders. Fcaw for Spawrem Poland Shipbuilding Group

Supplying welders labor for Korean shipbuilding corporations – Hyundai, Sam Sung, Daewoo

Supply of 6G Welder labor for Stakotra Group working in Slovakia

Vietnam Manpower is the leading company in Vietnam in the field of supplying 3G welders, supplying 6G welders to the European and worldwide market. We have a 20-year history in the field of labor supply. Looking forward to cooperating in supplying welders for shipyards, oil refineries, mechanical processing factories around the world, we are committed to providing welding services that meet the standards. only meet worldwide standards like AWS, ASME, EN, ISO.
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