We are a Vietnam Manpower company with nearly 20 years of working in the field of human resources supply, especially the supply of highly skilled welders who are certified according to International standards such as AWS, ASME, EN, ISO. We have cooperated to supply welders to countries such as Japan, Korea, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Taiwan, Middle East countries, our labors are involved. Working in Oil Refineries, Thermal Power Plants, Shipyards, Gas Stations, Gas, Technology pipelines……

Welding Training Center

Vietnam Manpower is the first pioneering company in Vietnam in the human resource supply industry with a language training school and international standard skills training for employees with a team of international experts in the field of technology. Weld. Employees are educated and trained according to the standards AWS.D1.1, AWS.D1.2-2020 and ASME.IX – 2021, EN.287-1, EN.287-2, ISO 9606…. ..

Supervision Specialists

Training to improve skills of welders before going abroad to work

With Training Processes, we test the process such as writing WPS, then hire an Authorized Unit of the American Association of Welding Engineers (AWS) to experiment with PQR to re-create the standard training program for workers. International. Vietnam Manpower trains and supplies 3G – Smaw, 3G – Fcaw, 4G Fcaw, 6G Gtaw, 6G Gtaw, 6G Gtaw and Smaw welders, 3G Gmaw, our skilled workers work on Cabon steel and Stainless steel materials. , alloy steel….

Test of 6G Welder – Gtaw

4G Welder’s Test – Fcaw

Training and supplying 3G welders

The owner from Slovakia evaluates the selection of 3G welders

Owner from Korea evaluates selection of 3G and 6G welders to work for Korean Huyndai shipbuilding

The owner from Australia came to Vietnam Manpower to recruit welders

Check Ultrasonic Tes
With a system of machinery and equipment to train and supply welders meeting international standards, including 88 vocational cabins and plassma cutting machine systems, our welder manpower supply capacity is from 100 to 200 per month. 3G welder labor, 6G welder supply capacity per month we can provide 50 to 100 labors.Vietnam Manpower wishes to cooperate with global labor suppliers and contractors who need to use 3G welders and 6G welders.

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