After 1 year, with the whole company’s efforts, VIETNAM MANPOWER © Group has achieved many successes in the global labor supply market. Vietnam MANPOWER © Group has been successful in many markets, especially with great success in the European market. We have provided 3000 skilled workers to work in Romania, 100 employees in Poland, 120 employees in Hungary, 50 employees in Portugal. In addition, in the main market like Japan, we have brought 1200 trainees to study and work in Japan. Besides the main market: Japan, we have sent 1500 employees to Taiwan market. Labor provided by our VIETNAM MANPOWER © Group worked in many fields such as Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Construction, Electronics, Fisheries, Nail, Seafood Processing, Food Processing, Agricultural Farms, ……

In the early days of 2020, VIETNAM MANPOWER © Group has received good news from the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply (VAMAS), we have two enterprises (VTC  & VIVAXAN)  for 6 consecutive years, honored to be on the top 1/400 manpower supply enterprises in Vietnam.

Looking forward to 2020, we would pay special attention to connecting with businesses in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the Americas to supply companies and large corporations highly skilled worker coming from Viet Nam.


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