The Korean labor market has received a lot of attention because it used to be a traditional market with good income, which attracts many people to join. The labor market in Korea from 1990 to 2012 is considered to be the most successful years. However, there have been some problems related to labor control status in recent times. The Korean government restricts Vietnamese workers’ entry into Korea as a labor export. For the purpose of the great demand for labor, the Korean Ministry of Labor and Employment and the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs signed an MOU on 23/3/ 2018. This memorandum is assumed that Korea continues to receive Vietnamese workers. Despite the EPS program of the Ministry of Labor, the E7 visa is also the program bringing the biggest benefits to them.

Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s high-tech welder training workshop

E7 visa is a long-term visa, which is renewed annually according to the regulations of the Korean government. With the labor program in Korea under the E7 visa, candidates can sign contracts with Korean companies and enterprises for a period of 3-5 years. The working program in Korea under the E7 visa does not require a Korean language certificate. After coming to Korea, you will be able to work at big companies with your major studied in Vietnam.

Hyundai and Daewoo corporations directly recruit welders at the factory of Vietnam Manpower Supplier

Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT Group focuses on vocational training for workers with Vietnam Manpower Supply’s welding training center designed by DNV – Norway’s international registration association. To have skilled workers, Vietnam Manpower follows American standards – AWS D1.1-D1.2; Europe EU – EN 287-1, 287-2 and invite prestigious professional registration associations in the world such as DNV – Uy, Lloyd – UK; US – AWS D1.1, D1.2 – ASME IX.; EU- EN 287-1,287-2 for assessment and certification of workers to supply skilled employees.

For 13 years, Vietnam Manpower has been the No. 1 labor supplier annually  and  the top of the labor supply industry in Vietnam in providing 1000 welders, mechanics, electricians for shipbuilding corporations around the world, which is rated by the Vietnam Labor Export Association

welder 6G

With the consent of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Korea and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT Group and Hyundai Group, Daewoo – Korea has been organizing a program to recruit Vietnamese workers under the program E7 visa. Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT Group is highly appreciated by Hyundai Group for its training facilities, scale and professionalism in recruitment and completion of procedures related to labor supply abroad. After a day, more than 50 best skilled candidates are selected. It is expected that Korea will soon complete procedures to send workers in order to enter the factory as soon as possible. After VXT group’s prior recruitment processes, the Korean representative has promised to arrange and cooperate with Vietnam Manpower Supplier – VXT Group to recruit more skilled Vietnamese workers in 2022.

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