Many employers in European countries (Poland, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia…) have difficulty finding workers. labor and they look for Vietnamese workers. But many companies and employers in Europe do not know what job abilities and interests they have?

Vietnam Manpower Supply

Vietnam Human Resources

Overall, in 2023, the trained workforce with degrees and certificates is estimated to be 14.1 million people, accounting for 27%, an increase of 0.5 million people compared to 2022.

Along with that, employed workers reached 51.3 million people, an increase of 683 thousand people (corresponding to an increase of 1.35%) compared to 2022.

Currently, Vietnam has about 650,000 workers working in 40 countries and territories around the world. Workers working abroad under contract have good income, not only improving family life but also contributing to local socio-economic development.

Assessing labor supply capacity and job preferences of Vietnamese workers

Vietnam Manpower Supply annually supplies thousands of workers to work in European countries. They are the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of training and supplying professional human resources. Vietnam Manpower Supply has a recruitment system. International applications located in 3 major cities in Vietnam, with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of human resource supply Vietnam Manpower Supply has provided 32 thousand workers to work globally, especially in Europe.
The supply of Vietnamese labor to Europe is increasingly popular due to recruitment needs and the development of occupations in this region, especially finding labor in Europe is very difficult for companies and employers. Vietnam Manpower Supply is a leading manpower supply company in Vietnam supporting labor search solutions for employers in countries such as (Poland, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia). , Croatia, Greece, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia… Below is a list of six jobs that Vietnamese workers often want to work in Europe:

mainly work in the field of industrial production, construction industry, food processing industry, textile industry, shipbuilding industry, mechanical industry and agriculture industry.

Vietnamese Manpower Supply

Top 6 jobs Vietnamese workers want to work in Europe

1.  Supply of factory workers

Currently, Vietnam is a developing country, so there are many foreign companies investing in production and forming industrial parks, small and medium-sized factories with a large workforce working for these industries. Factories such as electronics, export processing, assembly of components, plastic production for corporations and companies such as Sam Sung, Intel, GL, Formosa, Vietnamese workers have great experience, very good skills, and good working sense. good discipline. But because the basic salary is lower than that of companies in Europe, they have the desire to go to companies and factories in Europe to work to increase their salary and improve their quality of life. That is an advantage for employers and factories wishing to recruit Vietnamese workers to work in Europe

Vietnamese workers working at the Factory

2. Food Processing Workers

Vietnam is a country with a very developed food processing industry, especially workers working in seafood processing factories with a workforce of up to 2.5 million workers working in processing factories. seafood processing, with workers working in chicken processing factories, pork processing factories, sausage factories, and confectionery factories producing for production lines is also a huge force. Especially in the past 10 years, Vietnamese workers have gone to work in food processing factories in countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria. They bring in a huge amount of money and have improved their lives, so they hope that employers in European countries choose them to work in an environment with better salaries and benefits. . Vietnam Manpower Supply is a supplier of human resources for companies and food processing factories throughout Europe and the World.

Test the skills of Vietnamese food processing workers

3. Supply of agricultural workers

Currently, agriculture is an important economic sector in Vietnam, so the workforce of workers in this industry accounts for a very large population in Vietnam. Agricultural workers often do jobs such as harvesting fruit, tending crops, processing agricultural products, and raising livestock on farms. Vietnamese workers are very hard-working with agricultural jobs and they really want to work. work in European countries to learn experiences in farming and earn more income for a better life. Vietnam Manpowewr Supply is a bridge for companies and farm owners who need to recruit Vietnamese agricultural workers

Vietnamese workers working in Austria – Vietnam Manpower Supply

4. Supplying Construction Industry Workers

The Construction industry has become a key economic sector of Vietnam as the country enters a period of innovation requiring more civil, industrial, and commercial construction projects…
The Vietnam Construction Association’s assessment report on the current status of human resource quality in the Construction industry said that the country currently has more than 7 million workers working in the Construction industry. .
Many experts in the construction industry predict that the construction industry’s demand for human resources will increase by about 400,000 – 500,000 workers each year. With the current rate of development, the number of workers working in the Construction industry by 2030 could reach about 12 – 13 million people. Human resources of the Construction Materials industry are also expected to increase to nearly 3 million people.

Testing the skills of construction workers Manpower Supply

Constructionworkers: Mason, Guypsum workers, telers, painters, assemblers, repairers, finishers, coating workers, Carpenters , Rebar Bender, Concrete Worker, Plasterer…

Experience: Vietnamese workers have experience working on large projects such as apartment buildings, residential area projects, road and bridge projects, and hydroelectric dam projects in a developing country. gave birth to many skilled workers.

Professionalism: They are well-trained in labor safety, construction skills, have a high sense of responsibility when assigned work, and are diligent in their work.

Testing the skills of construction workers Manpower Supply

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of providing human resources for the construction industry, Vietnam Manpower Supply supports international recruitment services of labor and construction workers for companies and corporations in Europe and globally.

5. Supply of Shipbuilding Industry Workers

Vietnam has a developing economy, with sea routes stretching across the country, so the construction of the marine economic industry is very large, so the Vietnamese shipbuilding industry has many orders from home and abroad and has many companies. Famous foreign shipbuilding company located in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam has a lot of human resources in the shipbuilding industry. To improve salaries, many Vietnamese workers want to work in Europe with a developed shipbuilding industry to have better income with skilled skills. their profession.

Shipbuilding industry workers:  Welder, Fabricatior, Pipe Fitter, Industrial Electrician, ship hull assembly, Scaffold, ship hull paint, Mechanical….

Experience: Vietnamese shipbuilding industry workers have experience working at large Vietnamese shipyards such as 5 million shipyard, Rung ferry shipyard, Vinasim shipyard, shipyard Hyundai Vietnam, Vard Vietnam Shipyard. It will be the best thing when employers in European countries choose them.

Professionalism: They are trained and tested for their skills through international shipping associations, learn Safety, industrial manners, and are highly disciplined in their work.

Skill test of mechanical and welding workers in the shipbuilding industry – Manpower Supply

Vietnam Manpower Supply is a supplier of human resources for the shipbuilding industry worldwide, and a recruiter of workers for shipyards in Europe. With more than 20 years of experience, Vietnam Manpower Supply has cooperated in providing human resources with more than 20 shipbuilding companies worldwide in countries such as Poland, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Korea. , Japan, with major shipbuilding companies such as Vard SRL, Gomet SRL, Bulk SRL, Spawrem, Hyundai, Hanwa, Sam Sung…..
In particular, we specialize in providing 3G, 4G Fcaw welders, Smaw welders, Gmaw welders, 6G stainless steel welders, ship armor installers, pipe installers, insulation workers, electricians, painters with a number of 5 thousand workers. for shipbuilding companies around the world.

6. Textile and garment industry workers

Not only is Vietnam’s key export industry, textile and garment also creates the most jobs for workers today. The textile industry currently has about 2.5 million workers, of which 80% are women, with The workforce is so large that there is a huge need for workers to choose jobs in the textile and garment industry in European countries.


Textile and garment industry workers

Summary and Assessment of Job Demand for Vietnamese Workers Who Want to Work in Europe

Vietnam Manpower Supply shares information about the professions that Vietnamese workers are interested in working in Europe so that companies, factories, and recruiters from Europe can know the information to contact Vietnam Manpower Supply to Get support in finding and recruiting the best workers for companies and factories in Europe.

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