Professions banned from recruiting workers in Vietnam to work abroad: Regulations on occupations allowed to recruit Vietnamese workers

In Vietnam, sending workers abroad to work must comply with specific legal regulations, including occupations that are prohibited from recruiting workers to work abroad. According to Decree No. 112/2021/ND-CP, effective from February 1, 2022, detailing a number of articles of the Law on Vietnamese Workers working abroad under contract, occupations Prohibited include: Vietnamese human resources […]

Reasons to Hire Vietnamese Workers: Vietnamese Labor Suppliers

According to PwC’s 2022 Workforce Hopes & Fears survey, approximately 84% of respondents would learn new skills or be completely retrained to improve their abilities. employability in the future. Not only that, 93% of survey respondents are currently learning new skills, with the majority of these respondents saying they are learning independently or in other […]

Supplying Welder Manpower for Korean Shipbuilding Companies: Vietnam International Welder Supplier

Providing welders for Korean shipbuilding companies is an important service, especially in the context of the increasing demand for highly skilled welders in Korea. The company “Vietnam International Welder Supplier” is a unit specializing in providing this service, providing workers who have been granted international certificates. Here is an overview of the company’s operations and […]

Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency

Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency is a global human resources and human resources solutions provider. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of labor supply, Vietnam Manpower Agency has provided more than 32 thousand workers to work globally. Occupations and human resources services Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency provides such as hiring human resources, […]

Vietnam Manpower Recruitment Agency: Door to Receiving Vietnamese Workers to Work in Europe

Introduce Jobs in Europe are increasingly becoming an attractive choice for Vietnamese workers thanks to high salaries, professional working environment, and career development opportunities, with the opportunity to permanently settle in Europe. Europe. Vietnamese recruitment agencies play an important role in connecting workers with companies looking for workers in Europe. This article will learn about […]