In Vietnam, there are many applications that help connect employers and job seekers. To find the most effective high quality human resource supplier for all employers, looking for labor globally. Below is a list of the 10 most popular human resource and labor search applications.

Understanding this, the founders have created and developed applications to find human resources and find workers. Is the link between employers and applicants. Both sides can easily grasp each other’s information and move towards long-term cooperation and work.

So where are those apps looking for human resources? Please refer to the article to get more information and find the most reputable human resources suppliers in Vietnam.


2. JobsGO

Smart job search application helps choose jobs and search for suitable job postings

You don’t have to go through emotions: Waiting, worrying, nervousness,… you will be notified when your CV is viewed and selected.

Linking employers with huge salaries, satisfactory for the labor spent is the factor that brings JobsGo closer to applicants, especially new graduates.

3. Top CV

Top CV is one of the leading job search sites today. Professionalism, prestige, and diversity are attractive points for employers as well as applicants.

The way it works is very simple and convenient. You just need to send your CV via the application using your phone or computer and then wait. Feedback and interviews will be quickly responded via email.

Top CV job app logo

The special thing about Top CV is the treasure trove of outstanding, diverse and good-looking CV templates that you can use at your leisure. Moreover, downloading completed CV templates and using them for many purposes is a plus for users.

4. CareerBuilder

Job search app has the best CV security

5. LinkedIn Job Search

Linkedin job search application with countless jobs with attractive salaries

6. JobStreet VN

Labor recruitment app – Visit the JobStreet VN recruitment app and experience it

7. Brandsvietnam

8. Viecngay

Interface of Viecngay job search software

9. Glints

The leading job search and recruitment site today

10. 24h Jobs

24h Jobs – the most popular job website in Vietnam with nearly 20 years of experience in the market

Technology gradually changes our lives and the recruitment and labor supply market is no exception. To keep up with the pace of development, a job search app has been created to make it more convenient and easier to find workers.

Right now, you can use one of the above labor search apps to best support employers in the production process and job planning.

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