Hiring Vietnamese welders to work in Europe is becoming an increasingly popular trend due to many welfare benefits, higher salaries than Vietnam, stable jobs, long-term work and settlement opportunities. in Europe and for a few different reasons. Below are some outstanding reasons to hire Vietnamese welders:

In this article Vietnam Manpower Supply would like to provide information about Vietnamese welder human resources to support the search for welders for corporate companies in Europe.

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Search Welders and Hire Welders to Work in Europe

Due to the need to recruit a shortage of welders in Europe for shipbuilding companies, construction companies, structural manufacturing companies, prefabricated steel processing companies, and the automobile industry, statistics are reported by The European Welding Federation (EWF). ) reports a shortage of around 300,000 qualified welders in Europe.

1. Need to find welders and hire welders:

2. Welder Qualification Requirements: 

3. Recruiter’s Capacity to Hire Welders:

4. Reputation in Vietnam:

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Reasons to hire Vietnamese welders to work in Europe

Vietnam is an industrially developing country, so the construction of power plant projects, oil refineries, and shipyards has a large force of welders who, after completing the projects, must Find a new job. In Vietnam, there are systems of high-quality welding training schools, and there are welder registration associations that evaluate welder skills in Vietnam such as DNV, AWS, Lloyd, IIW.

Welder Examination Test When Coming to Work in Europe

1. High workmanship and good quality work:

2. Reasonable cost:

3. Hard work and work ethic:

4. Ability to learn and adapt quickly:

5. Support from organizations and government:

6. Professional working attitude:

Hiring Vietnamese welders to work in Europe is an optimal solution for many businesses, shipbuilding and construction companies not only because of the reasonable cost but also because of the high quality of work and the professionalism of the workforce. this amount of labor. All Vietnamese welders are trained according to international standards and have their skills assessed by leading prestigious inspection associations in the world, not only meeting technical requirements but also bringing value. increased through hard work and the ability to adapt to new environments.

If you have any questions, please contact Vietnam Manpower Supply Group to assist in finding and hiring welders with international certificates to support solutions to the shortage of welder human resources at shipbuilding enterprises, manufacturing factories, thermal power projects, oil refinery projects, welders in the auto industry….

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