According to PwC’s 2022 Workforce Hopes & Fears survey, approximately 84% of respondents would learn new skills or be completely retrained to improve their abilities. employability in the future. Not only that, 93% of survey respondents are currently learning new skills, with the majority of these respondents saying they are learning independently or in other words, upgrading themselves. Notably, Vietnam also has many opportunities to develop strongly as the economy is considered a prosperous, high-growth market. This is also an opportunity for Vietnamese workers to “transform” in the digital era. Hiring Vietnamese workers has many advantages, and Vietnamese labor suppliers are often favored by domestic and foreign businesses for many reasons. Here are some main reasons:

Vietnamese Construction Labor – Vocational Skills Training.

Here are six compelling reasons why your company should consider recruiting Vietnamese workers:

  1. Low labor costs: Compared to many other countries, the cost of hiring labor in Vietnam is quite low, the average salary per capita in Vietnam is still low compared to some countries in Europe and America, helping businesses save costs and increase profits.
  2. Exceptional work ethic: Vietnamese workers are famous for their good work ethic. They are dedicated, hard-working and diligent, highly disciplined in their work, and constantly make every effort to ensure tasks are completed to the highest standards, with the best product quality, according to the manufacturer’s requirements. producers and employers.
  3. Young and large workforce: Vietnam has a young population, accounting for over 70% of the population in the golden age, so the workforce is abundant and enthusiastic, ready to learn and work in a working environment. International multicultural movement.
  4. Skilled Workforce: Vietnam boasts a skilled workforce, whose skills are certified worldwide and are competent in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction construction, shipbuilding, agriculture, garment, construction, mechanical processing, food processing, etc. Vietnamese workers have the necessary expertise and experience to successfully fulfill their roles.
  5. Ability to learn and adapt quickly: Vietnamese workers have the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new working environments, factory and company processes, and the latest processes and technologies applied. production, manufacturing, and labor in the 4.0 period
  6. Support from the government: The Vietnamese government has many policies to support and encourage businesses to employ Vietnamese workers to work abroad, work in large companies and corporations globally, creating Favorable conditions for international recruitment.
  7. Favorable geographical location: Vietnam has a favorable geographical location, near major markets such as China, Japan, Korea and ASEAN countries, making it easy for international trade and cooperation.

Recruiting labor in Vietnam faces the following main difficulties:

Vietnamese workers are trained and fostered skills by Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency

Vietnamese Labor Supplier

Labor supply is the process of recruiting, training and providing labor to businesses, companies, factories and organizations that need to use labor. In Vietnam, the labor supply sector is growing strongly because the working age accounts for 70-75% of the population, thereby meeting the increasing needs of industry, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. Karma. Some key factors related to labor supply in Vietnam include:

School of human resource training and international human resource supply in Vietnam

  1. Abundant labor source: Vietnam has a young population and a large labor force, especially in rural areas, where many workers are willing to move to big cities to find jobs.
  2. Training and upskilling: Governments and training organizations are focusing on upskilling workers, through vocational education and technical training programs, to meet demand. of the modern labor market.
  3. Labor migration trend: Many Vietnamese workers also participate in labor export programs, working in countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Middle Eastern countries, especially countries within the European Union. This not only helps reduce pressure on domestic employment but also brings significant foreign exchange income to Vietnam.
  4. The development of labor supply companies: Many professional labor supply companies have appeared, providing recruitment, training and human resource management services for businesses, helping them save time. time and cost in the recruitment process.
  5. Challenges and opportunities: Despite many development opportunities, the labor supply sector in Vietnam also faces many challenges such as labor quality issues, fierce competition, and increasingly demanding requirements. higher from employers.
Vietnamese labor suppliers help businesses find, recruit and manage labor effectively, ensuring timely and quality human resource needs are met. Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency usually has a wide network throughout Vietnam, able to provide labor for many different occupations, from unskilled workers to highly skilled workers, from production workers to office workers.
Labor supply is an important factor in Vietnam’s economic development, helping connect workers with businesses and providing job opportunities for millions of people. The development of this sector requires close cooperation between businesses, government agencies and vocational and language training schools to ensure quality according to international and global standards to ensure most effective that the employer desires.

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