The Swedish labor market is increasingly competitive and requires high-quality human resources. To meet this demand, labor supply services have appeared and developed strongly, becoming the first choice of enterprises. In this article, we will learn about the top labor supply services for the Swedish market.

Meeting to Discuss Solutions to Supply Labor to Work in Swedish

  1. Supply of construction labor

The Swedish construction market is becoming one of the largest and most important in Europe, with a huge demand for labor in this industry. However, due to the shortage of local human resources, construction companies had to look for other solutions such as supplying foreign labor.

The supply of construction labor from Vietnam is becoming a popular solution to solve the problem of manpower shortage in the Swedish construction industry. Labor supply company ensures high quality of labor thanks to strict selection, training, and supervision process. Construction labor from Vietnam often have good experience and qualifications, work hard, and are agile.

Construction Labor Supply Agent


  1. Supply of welders

In industry, the demand for welders in Sweden is increasing with the development of the manufacturing, construction, and shipbuilding industries. However, the number of welders capable of meeting the requirements is increasingly scarce, especially in the field of load-bearing welding and welding of special metals.

Vietnam is becoming one of the best welding labor supply partners for the Swedish market to meet the demand for high-quality human resources in the industry in general and the welding industry in particular in this country.

Vietnamese welders are professionally trained with a lot of practical experience, are able to work with many different metals, and meet strict technical requirements.

Welder Supply Agent with International Certificate

  1. Supply of food processing workers

The food processing market in Sweden is a growing sector. However, the shortage of human resources is a worrying problem for food factories here. Therefore, sourcing high-quality labor from Vietnam is becoming an effective solution to solve this problem.

Food Processing Labor Supply Agency

The food processing labor supply services of Vietnam Manpower Supplier have been highly appreciated by Swedish partners. We not only provide human resources with expertise and experience in the field of food processing but also ensure that they are capable of working in a multinational environment, using foreign languages, and have enough capacity to solve problems arising in the production process.

Coming to Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s labor supply service, the workforce is guaranteed to have all the necessary documents, certificates, and training qualifications to be able to work in Sweden. We also make sure that our employees are trained in Swedish culture, customs, and laws before coming to work here.

In addition, Vietnam Manpower Supplier is also committed to assisting customers in finding suitable human resources and solving problems arising in the labor supply process. This helps businesses focus on their main production activities without having to worry about recruiting and managing personnel.

In addition to the above three industries, Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s labor supply services also include many other industries that are suitable for the needs of foreign partners. Contact HOTLINE (+84) 982.03.03.66 or EMAIL: for detailed advice.

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