Welder is considered one of the most demanding professions in the manufacturing industry. Recruiting welders who are highly qualified and qualified to meet US and European standards is also a big challenge for foreign businesses. Therefore, the supply of welders trained according to these standards is the leading solution that businesses choose today.

The American and European standards for welder training are international standards that are widely applied in many industrial sectors. Understanding this, Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s welders are trained according to strict standards such as:

This gives Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s partners outstanding advantages.

First, the partner will be provided with guaranteed quality welders who are firmly qualified in welding methods, welding machines and equipment, materials and metals, factors affecting weld quality and occupational safety measures. These welders will help ensure the accuracy and reliability of welds, while minimizing risks and failures in the manufacturing process.

Second, when using the service of supplying trained welders according to American and European standards, partners will save time and costs for welder training and certification. Finding, recruiting, training and certifying highly qualified welders is an expensive and complicated process, especially for foreign partners. Therefore, using the service of supplying trained welders according to these standards will help partners save time and costs.

Finally, these standards ensure the safety of welders and related personnel in the process. Welders are fully trained in occupational safety measures, including the correct use of protective equipment and safe procedures when working in the welding environment. This will help reduce occupational accidents and protect the health of welders during work.

With the increasing recruitment demand of foreign partners, the supply of trained welders according to American and European standards is an effective solution to meet the needs of the market. Vietnam Manpower supplying welders who are trained according to this standard will be a smart choice for foreign partners who want a high-quality and reliable workforce.

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