The labor shortage in the construction industry in Ireland is becoming a serious problem. The main reason is due to the rapid development of the economy and the need to build housing, infrastructure and industrial projects. In addition, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many construction workers had to leave Ireland or move to other industries. This has caused a local labor shortage and difficulty in attracting foreign workers

In that context, supplying construction workers from other countries like Vietnam can be an effective solution to solve this labor shortage problem in Ireland. Here are some benefits of supplying construction workers from Vietnam to the Irish labor market.

Owner From Europe Recruits Vietnamese Workers

High-quality workforce

Vietnam has been known as a country with high-quality human resources and professional training. Vietnamese construction workers are often trained in tool use and other construction work skills. They are also trained in safety and quality standards to ensure the safety of construction sites.

This ensures that Vietnamese construction workers are trained and equipped with the necessary skills to work in the construction industry while ensuring the safety of construction projects in Ireland.

Lower cost

Construction labor from Vietnam can help reduce costs for construction businesses in Ireland. While the cost of training and maintaining construction workers in Ireland is very high, the use of Vietnamese workers will help reduce personnel costs for construction contractors in Ireland and help strengthen their competitiveness in the market.

The Owner Comes From Europe To Survey Trade As A Labor Supply Agent

Highly appreciated work ethic 

Vietnamese construction workers often have a spirit of hard work, honesty, and a high sense of responsibility. This helps to ensure that construction works are completed on schedule and with the best quality.

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We always ensure customer satisfaction with our construction labor supply service. With the efforts and professionalism of our staff, we have been trusted and chosen by many partners as a reliable labor supply partner.

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