After a period of negotiation between Vietnam Manpower Supply and UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company from Lithuania, the two sides have agreed on common issues regarding workers’ salaries, food conditions, living conditions, and travel conditions. Air tickets for workers to go to Lithuania to work and return to Vietnam after the contract ends. Vietnam Manpower Supply and UAB AVS have come to an agreement to recruit 6G welders to weld stainless steel, 3G Fcaw welders, pipe fitters, and fabricators. UAB AVS shipbuilding company will directly come to Vietnam to recruit on May 17, 2020. 2024.

The Owner of UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company from Lithuania came to Vietnam Manpower Supply to audition.

Vietnam Manpower Supply’s Preparation Before Exam

After signing the agreement between Vietnam Manpower Supply and UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company, we have planned to deploy recruitment and vocational and language training for workers. UAB AVS shipbuilding company has placed an order to recruit 100 Welders, Pipe Fitters, and Fabricators from us. Vietnam Manpower Supply is prepared 40 days in advance to screen the best candidates.

  1. Prepare legal documents: After receiving all the legal documents from the employer, the shipbuilding company UAB AVS Vietnam Manpower Supply has checked and uploaded the labor recruitment licensing system to work in Lithuania from the Ministry of Labor of Vietnam to Guaranteed to be a legal international recruitment agency in Vietnam.
  2. Recruitment: Vietnam Manpower Supply has announced recruitment with representative office specialist systems throughout Vietnam of Vietnam Manpower and technical vocational training schools, on social networking sites for workers who want to go. Working at UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company, register and apply.
  3. Screening and Checking CVs: After having a list of workers registered for the interview and skills test at Manpower Supply, we checked relevant degrees, certificates, experience, checked age information, and checked health information. Then, finalize and classify the occupations and then send the registration list to the employer, UAB AVS shipbuilding company, to set a date to directly recruit workers.
  4. Prepare facilities: Check information about the recruitment and interview process from the employer, then Vietnam Manpower checks the machinery, equipment, materials, and interview rooms for the skills test and interview to take place. good.

Vietnam Manpower Supply’s Preparation Before Exam

Employer Interviews and Skill Tests

After receiving the list of candidates from Vietnam Manpower, the owner of UAB AVS shipbuilding company has agreed to go directly to Vietnam on May 17, 2024 to interview and test the skills of 6G Stainless Steel Pipe Welders, 3G Fcaw Welders, Pipe Fitters to select the best workers to work for the shipbuilding company in Lithuania.

Engineers from UAB AVS shipbuilding company check the 6G Welding exam of stainless steel welders

Engineers from UAB AVS shipbuilding company check and read Vietnam Manpower pipe assembly drawings

6G Stainless Steel Welder’s exam after completing the exam.

Summary of Interview and Inspection of Shipbuilding Orders of UAB AVS Company

After more than a month of negotiations since the signing of the supply contract between Vietnam Manpower Supply and UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company in Lithuania. Vietnam Manpower Supply is a company that is looking for welders and installers with nearly 100 candidates who are 6G stainless steel welders and pipe fitters for the direct recruitment day at Vietnam Manpower Supply May 17, 2024 owner. used with the staff and engineers of UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company after 3 days of organizing entrance examinations at Vietnam’s vocational training school. Manpower Supply has seriously implemented skills testing and screening processes. , selected workers and selected more than 50 workers out of a total of 80 6G Stainless Steel Welders and Pipe Assemblers. With the agreement between UAB AVS Shipbuilding Company and human resource supplier Vietnam Manpower Supply, the best labor and workers were selected. Vietna Manpower Supply completes the application for a work permit as soon as possible to ensure the best progress in closing the visa for workers.

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