Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency is a global human resources and human resources solutions provider. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of labor supply, Vietnam Manpower Agency has provided more than 32 thousand workers to work globally. Occupations and human resources services Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency provides such as hiring human resources, searching for technically skilled personnel, and finding skilled workers in various occupations Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency provides labor such as the construction industry. ships with occupations (Structural welder, pipe welder, pipe fitter, Fabricatior, Industrial Electrician), labor supply for the construction industry (Mason, carpenter, Steel Fixer, Painter, scaffolding…), supply human resources for food processing (meat processing, seafood processing, fruit and vegetable processing…), supply of garment industry workers, supply of agricultural workers, supply of human resources to work in factories For more than 20 years, Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency has provided human resources to countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan – China, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Poland. , Vietnam Agency is an international recruiter with professionalism and reputation licensed by the Ministry of Labor of Vietnam in the field of international human resource supply.

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Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency: Trusted Partner in International Recruitment

Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency with more than 20 years of experience with human resource systems and lawyers in the field of long-standing human resource supply Vietnam Manpower Agency is a human resource supplier rated by large companies and corporations around the world. very high with the following factors for Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency to be considered a reputable company in international labor recruitment.

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Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency’s commitment to the quality of manpower supply services:

Vietnam Manpower Supply is committed to providing the highest quality international human resources recruitment services to customers who are businesses, companies, corporations, and manufacturing plants that provide good employees to Vietnam Manpower Supply Agency. best. Vietnam Manpower Supply’s rigorous selection and screening process ensures that Vietnam Manpower Supply’s employees meet the highest international standards, and we support workplace culture and orientation training. culture of the country where Vietnam Manpower Supply’s workers come and work. We accompany businesses and employees when conflicts arise and our representative offices will come directly to offer the best solution between employers and employees.

Cooperate with Vietnam Human Resources and improve the quality and labor resources for businesses:

Vietnam Manpower Supply, we believe that a diverse and highly skilled workforce with good language skills is the key to business success. Vietnam Manpower Supply invites businesses, companies, and multinational corporations to cooperate with us and experience the transforming power and highly skilled human resources of Vietnam. Together, increase value for businesses, ensuring production progress, construction progress, planning progress, and business goals of each business.

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