You want to recruit workers from Vietnam but do not know what the legal procedures are for recruiting workers from Vietnam and what are the necessary documents to work with a Vietnamese manpower supply company?

Do not worry!

Labor recruitment in Vietnam, especially for businesses and organizations, requires compliance with a number of legal procedures to ensure legality and protect the rights of both employees and employers. labor. Below are the basic legal procedures and how to find legal human resources suppliers in Vietnam:

Legal procedures for recruiting Vietnamese workers

1. Case 1: Your company is a job placement company or a foreign labor supply company in your country
You need to provide us with the following documents:

2. Case 2: Your company is the direct employer.

You need to provide us with the following documents:

The above documents will be made bilingual in Vietnamese and English or the language of your country.

All documents must be signed and stamped by your company and the Vietnamese labor supply company.

Your company needs to send all original documents mentioned above to the designated address of the Vietnamese labor supply company.

After receiving the above documents from your company, the Vietnamese labor supply company will register with the Ministry of Labor of Vietnam to apply for a license to recruit and provide Vietnamese workers to work for your company. Friend. This process will take 2-3 weeks.

The above documents do not need to be notarized at the Vietnamese embassy/consulate in your country.


After completing legal procedures, the employer directly goes to Vietnam Manpower Supply to select the best candidates from international employers.

International Labor Recruitment Process

Vietnam Manpower Supply Group wants to share information about the international labor recruitment process to support businesses and companies looking to employ Vietnamese labor to take place according to their plans and production projections. each company

1. Discuss the terms of the contract:

2. Sign a labor supply contract with a Vietnamese labor supplier:

Cooperate in international human resource supply agreements

3. Source candidates according to employer requirements:

4. Medical and physical examination for candidates.

Medical check for Vietnamese people before going to work abroad

5. Screening potential candidates:

6. Interview candidates: 

Employers come to Vietnam to interview and select the best candidates at International Recruitment Agents

7. Selected candidates sign a recruitment contract

8. Completing employee records/applying for work permits for workers in the country where they work: 

Process of completing documents and applying for work permits for Vietnamese workers

9. Apply for a work visa at your country’s Embassy in Vietnam:

Vietnamese work visa approved to work in Europe

10. Book tickets and pick up workers to enter the country at the airport:

11. Foreign employees join your company:

12. Medical examination again according to your company’s regulations.

13. Making residence cards for workers/ Studying labor safety for job introduction

Residence card of Vietnamese workers working in Europe – Finland

14. Coordinate the management of foreign employees at your company: 


Search for legal human resources suppliers in Vietnam

To find legal human resources suppliers in Vietnam, businesses can take the following steps to choose the best human resources suppliers in Vietnam:

1. Contact reputable human resource service companies in Vietnam:

2. Check the license to operate in the field of human resource supply:

3.Evaluate the reputation and quality of human resource supply services:

4. Check for international certifications and standards:

The Laborers of Vietnamese Labor Suppliers

Through these legal procedures and steps of finding human resources suppliers, businesses can legally and effectively recruit workers in Vietnam.


These are the legal regulations and procedures for recruiting Vietnamese workers to work abroad and in European countries. Vietnam Manpower Supply with more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resource supply and human resource recruitment in more than 30 countries around the world, we have sent workers to work in accordance with Vietnamese laws and regulations. The recruitment process has been established for many years, helping employers and companies to know accurate information about Vietnamese legal regulations for human resource supply companies. With a professional human resources recruitment process, we provide human resource supply services to international companies and employers around the world.

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