The welding industry plays an important role in the construction and maintenance of metal structures, especially in the industrial manufacturing and processing industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry of thermal power projects, and petrochemical refining. With the increasing demand for high quality welders with the best skills, achieving qualifications through international labor certification associations, Sweden has sought out labor supply partners. Vietnam to meet its needs. This article will learn about the benefits of using Vietnamese welders and the importance in the welding industry to support production for heavy industry, construction, manufacturing, and the Swedish shipbuilding industry.

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1. High quality training and skills

Vietnamese welders are professionally trained according to AWS, ASME, EN, ISO 9606 standards with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform complex welding jobs. They are trained in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW welding methods, processes and quality standards. The expertise and high skills of Vietnamese welders help ensure the performance of welding jobs that require high skills, each worker must meet the requirements for plate and pipe welding qualifications with the following standards: Welding positions from 1G – 6G, 1F – 6F on carbon, alloy, white steel materials with high precision and durability, on each manufactured and armored product.

2. Abundant and flexible team of welders

Vietnam is a country with an abundant labor force. This ensures that Sweden has a team of welders with enough force to meet the needs of production, manufacturing, and armor installation for companies, factories, and corporations that need to recruit workers. Welder Vietnam. In addition, Vietnamese welders also show flexibility in working according to the requirements of quality standards, international standards for the quality of manufactured products and adapting to different working environments.

3. Reasonable labor costs

One advantage of using Vietnamese welders is that labor costs are lower than in many other countries. This helps Swedish businesses save labor costs and increase competitiveness in industry, shipbuilding, manufacturing, etc.

4. Spirit of hard work and responsibility

Vietnamese welders are known for their hard-working spirit, responsibility and dedication to their work. They are always committed to completing the job accurately and on time. This spirit contributes to efficiency and reliability in the manufacturing, processing, mechanical processing and armor installation industries in Sweden.

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5. Support from Vietnam Manpower Supplier

Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a leading, reliable and experienced labor supply partner in providing Vietnamese welders to Sweden. The company provides professional advice and support in the selection process, ensuring welders are selected according to the requirements of each project.

Using Vietnamese welders is a quality solution for the Swedish welding industry. Professional training, an abundant and flexible team, reasonable labor costs, a spirit of hard work and responsibility along with support from Vietnam Manpower Supplier will definitely contribute to success and development. development of the Swedish welding industry.

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