Vietnam Manpower Supply is a company that specializes in providing skilled workers, including welders, to various industries, including the Korean shipbuilding industry. The Korean shipbuilding industry is renowned for its expertise and high-quality output, and it often requires a large workforce to meet the demands of building ships for both domestic and international markets.

Quality Screening Test for Welders Working at Korean Shipbuilding Companies

Welders are important in the shipbuilding industry because they are responsible for joining metal parts together to create the ship’s structure. Korean shipbuilding companies and corporations such as Hyundai – Mipo, Huyndai – Samho, Sam Sung, Han Wa, Doosung, Youngshin in 2023 have recruited more than 800 Korean skilled workers with international certificates in Vietnam. The demand for skilled welders with experience in the field of shipbuilding is very high and Vietnam Manpower Supply has many qualified welders. International certificates have experience working in shipyards and large shipbuilding projects in Vietnam, they can undertake highly technical jobs in the shipbuilding industry.

The Korean Shipbuilding Association Koship conducts an inspection and evaluation process for welders before being granted an E7-3 visa to work for a Korean shipbuilding company.

Vietnam Manpower Supply is able to recruit welders through a rigorous selection process to ensure they have the necessary skills and qualifications required by the Korean shipbuilding industry, passing the Korean shipbuilding industry’s skill testing procedures. Korean shipbuilding association KOAHIPA, This includes evaluation of Fcaw welding techniques, certificates meeting the standards of international associations and experience working in shipyards, understanding all types of materials Welding, common welding materials, different spatial welding positions commonly used in shipbuilding.

Ultrasonic UT Inspection Welder products are evaluated by the Korean shipbuilding association Koshipa

Vietnam Manpower Supply provides welders for the Korean shipbuilding industry. Vietnam Manpower Supply helps meet the labor needs of the industry while also providing job opportunities for highly skilled workers in Vietnam to work. at shipyards and industrial parks in Korea. Vietnam Manpower Supply contributes to the growth and success of the entire Korean shipbuilding industry and supports finding jobs with stable high income for the Vietnamese workforce.

In 2023, Vietnam Manpower Supply has provided 500 welders to work for heavy industrial shipbuilding corporations in Korea, Manpower Supply has provided 3G Mig – Mag welders, provided 3G – Fcaw welders, provided 4G Welders – Fcaw, supply 6G Welders – Gtaw, supply 6G Welders Gtaw + Smaw, Supply Painters, Supply Electricians for Hyundai Mopi, Doosung, Yuongshin, Sam Sung, Han Wa… Vietnam Manpower Supply’s capacity is highly appreciated by companies in Korea. It has a system of vocational training colleges with a quality training system according to international standards AWS, ABS, ISO, ASME… with A team of experts in the welding industry directly trains, checks and filters the quality of welders before providing welders to shipbuilding companies in Korea.

Korean Shipbuilding Corporation HUYNDAI held a gratitude party for the families of welders working at Hyundai Shipbuilding Corporation.

Welder Supply supplying welders is a strong field of Vietnam Manpower Supply with more than 20 people working in the field of supplying human resources and providing welders in the shipbuilding field globally. Vietnam Manpower Supply cooperates in providing human resources. welder personnel globally, especially Korean shipbuilding corporations and shipbuilding corporations around the world

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