Jobs in Europe are increasingly becoming an attractive choice for Vietnamese workers thanks to high salaries, professional working environment, and career development opportunities, with the opportunity to permanently settle in Europe. Europe. Vietnamese recruitment agencies play an important role in connecting workers with companies looking for workers in Europe. This article will learn about the role of recruitment agencies, the recruitment process, and important notes when working in Europe.

Recruitment staff of Vietnam Manpower Agency

The Role of Manpower Recruitment Agencies

Vietnamese human resources recruitment agencies have the main task of finding and providing language and skills training for the labor force, then connecting them with businesses, companies, and factories in Europe that have demand for Vietnamese labor recruitment. Specific roles include:

  1. Searching for candidates: Vietnam’s international recruitment agencies use many different methods to find suitable candidates, including social networks, online advertising, vocational training schools, and job introduction centers in Vietnam. Vietnam, recruitment offices throughout Vietnam and partnerships with training institutions.
  2. Training and improving skills: In addition to selection, international recruitment agencies also organize vocational training courses, language training and soft skills to ensure workers meet employer requirements. European recruitment.
  3. Legal procedure support: Vietnam recruitment agencies support Help workers complete documents, work permit procedures, visa procedures, work contract information and other related documents to enter and work in Europe.
  4. Connect with employers: Manpower Supply companies in Vietnam will contact and establish relationships with businesses, factories, and companies in Europe, choosing jobs suitable for labor occupations. Vietnamese employees like to work in Europe, and negotiate contract terms such as post-hire basic salary, food and accommodation conditions, air tickets, and insurance for workers.

Interview with Vietnamese workers at an international recruitment agency

Labor Recruitment Process to Work in Europe

  1. Registration and screening of candidates: Candidates submit applications and CVs to Vietnamese recruitment agencies. Candidate profiles will be screened (age, experience, occupation, language, Male and Female) to select those who match the employer’s job requirements described in demand to send the profile. The employer must arrange a time and place to interview the employee.
  2. Interview and skills test: After screening by Vietnamese recruitment agencies, candidates will go through rounds of interviews and professional skills tests to select the best workers to work in Europe.
  3. Additional training: Qualified candidates will be able to participate in additional training courses for business or factory jobs to ensure candidates can adapt early to the employer’s jobs. given application.
  4. Completing legal procedures: For employers in Vietnam, they will have to submit their employment records to the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, which then allows them to recruit and send candidates to work at companies and businesses. career in Europe, candidates are accepted, the recruitment agency will assist candidates in completing the legal procedures required by Vietnamese law.
  5. Departing and starting work: The recruitment agency will provide orientation training on the culture of the European countries where candidates are coming to work. Candidates will be given detailed instructions on exit routes, flight itineraries, and employers. Pick up application, documents to enter Europe and necessary information to start work in Europe.

Vietnamese workers Prepare exit procedures to work in Europe through Vietnamese recruitment agencies

Recruitment Agencies Need to Pay Attention to When Working in Europe

Cultural orientation training session of European countries for Vietnamese workers at the Vietnam Recruitment Agency

Vietnamese recruitment agencies are an important bridge to help workers access job opportunities in Europe. With a professional recruitment process and comprehensive support, workers can feel secure and confident when working in this international environment. However, to be successful, workers need to carefully prepare vocational skills and master the necessary information about the workplace and new job.

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