Why should foreign enterprises use Vietnamese workers?

In the context of economic globalization, finding high-quality and reasonable-priced human resources has become a big challenge for foreign enterprises. Vietnam is always among the top choices of these enterprises. So where is the attractiveness of Vietnamese workers? Let’s find out through the content of the article below global construction labor supply Vietnam has a […]

Supplying Welder Manpower For Shipyards In Europe

Why Europe lacks Welders in shipbuilding and heavy industry? The European Statistics Agency has just released official data showing that the unemployment rate in the European Union has dropped to 6.1%, the lowest level not seen since Europe began to collect statistics. system, in 1998. However, the European labor market in early 2023 continued to […]

Sewing Manpower Supply – Vietnam Tailor Labor

Vietnam’s textile and garment industry is most prominently invested and developed when it comes to the Vietnamese industry. Up to now, Vietnam has more than 5000 operating enterprises and more than 2.5 million employees in the garment industry. Garment export turnover is always increasing year by year. Currently, the scale of Vietnam’s textile and garment […]

Supply of Agricultural Labor Working in Europe

Germany employs an average of 30,000 people per harvest season, with 5,000 people in Brandenburg alone. Currently, only half of these workers go to Brandenburg to work, as agricultural workers from Poland were hesitant to go to Germany when the Polish government announced that anyone returning from another country would also be quarantined for 14 […]

Supply of Construction Labor in Europe

We are a labor supplier from Vietnam Manpower Supplier specializing in supplying labor to work in European countries. The number of foreigners entering the European labor market is increasing, marking the beginning of the period when the EU economy is legally dependent on migrant workers. Owner correlation – started to change from about 2015. The […]

Manpower Supply, Vietnamese Labor Working in Romania

For many years, the shortage of local labor in Romania has created favorable conditions for Vietnamese human resource suppliers to supply Vietnamese laborers to work in Romania. Romania is a country where 4 million people emigrate to other countries to work for higher wages, according to a recent study by the US seasonal labor supply […]

Supply Capacity of 3G and 6G Welders to Work Worldwide

We are a Vietnam Manpower company with nearly 20 years of working in the field of human resources supply, especially the supply of highly skilled welders who are certified according to International standards such as AWS, ASME, EN, ISO. We have cooperated to supply welders to countries such as Japan, Korea, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, […]