In the context of economic globalization, finding high-quality and reasonable-priced human resources has become a big challenge for foreign enterprises. Vietnam is always among the top choices of these enterprises. So where is the attractiveness of Vietnamese workers? Let’s find out through the content of the article below

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  1. Vietnam has a cheap labor source

 Labor prices in Vietnam are very low compared to other countries in the region and the world. This makes it possible for foreign businesses looking for Vietnamese workers to save on recruitment and training costs, which means increased competitiveness in the market. In addition, foreign enterprises can also enhance their production capacity and expand their business scale by using cheap labor in Vietnam.

  1. Vietnamese workers are capable and highly qualified

 Vietnamese workers are well-trained and highly qualified in many different fields. This means they have the ability to work effectively in a variety of industries. Moreover, with good education, students and workers in Vietnam are becoming more diverse and creative in their work.

  1. Vietnamese workers have the spirit of hard work and durable

One of the strengths of Vietnamese workers is the spirit of hard work, durable and eagerness to learn. They often work hard to achieve their goals and are willing to learn new experiences at work to improve their performance. This can help foreign enterprises increase their efficiency and maximize their profits.

  1. Vietnam has a young workforce

Another strong point of Vietnamese workers is the young workforce. According to statistics of the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the labor force aged 15 and over in the fourth quarter of 2021 is 50.7 million people, of which the age group 15-39 accounts for 57.5%.

With this young age, the Vietnamese labor force can meet the needs of enterprises in applying advanced technology and production modernization.

Young workforce also means the ability to absorb and learn quickly. Vietnamese workers are often eager to learn and update the latest knowledge, especially in the information technology and engineering fields.

Vietnamese workers can work with more enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity. They often have a high sense of self-discipline and a desire to develop themselves and contribute to the business.

Therefore, recruiting young Vietnamese workers will help foreign enterprises get highly motivated, creative and dynamic employees, and at the same time increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.

With a young workforce and high professional qualifications, the ability to learn quickly and an active workforce, Vietnamese workers have been highly appreciated in the international labor market. We hope that the above information will help you when learning about Vietnamese workers. For any questions, please contact Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s HOTLINE number for detailed advice: +84 982030366

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