The Department of Overseas Labor of Vietnam has just approved for 3 human resource enterprises to come to Greece to work in 2023.

On July 26, the Department of Overseas Labor (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs – Vietnam) said that this agency has approved for 3 enterprises to create labor sources to supply human resources to work in Vietnam. Greek.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Dendias shakes hands with Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son before talks on August 1, 2022 in Hanoi. Talks mentioned bringing Vietnamese workers to work in Greece – Photo: VIETNAM FOREIGN MINISTRY

The list includes CIP.CO, Import-Export and Manpower Supply Joint Stock Company, BBC Group Trade Development and Investment Joint Stock Company and Viet Thang International Development Joint Stock Company.

The number of workers expected to go to Greece is 150 people and work in farming, harvesting and processing agricultural products. The employment contract period is 2 years.

Basic salary 803 euros/month. Besides, the employer will pay the two-way air ticket for the employee.

The Department of Foreign Labor Management clearly states that licensed companies are only allowed to recruit agricultural workers who have professional knowledge, experience and skills. However, the units are still responsible for training and fostering English for employees and do not charge tuition and accommodation fees for students participating in the course.

In addition, candidates do not have to pay costs before the labor supply contract is approved by the competent authority and the employee has signed a contract to work in Greece.

Time to prepare labor resources from July to September 2023.

The agency further noted that this is just a source-generating activity. Laborers who come to Greece to work officially still have to go through some other stages of completing documents.

According to the Department of Overseas Labor, Greece is facing a shortage of human resources in many fields, but the country has only received workers from non-EU countries working in industries and occupations such as agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. fishing, construction, garment, hotel, restaurant and domestic help.

Before Vietnam, many Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Philippines, and China sent laborers to Greece to work. The average income is 700 – 800 euros/month (after deducting taxes).

Content source: Youth Newspaper

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