Labor shortage in Croatia, companies have to import thousands of workers from Asia

In 2023, when Croatia joined the Schengen area and became the 20th member of the euro area (Eurozone). On the same day, Croatia also became the 27th country to join the Schengen area, allowing more than 400 million people to move freely around the bloc’s member states.
Croatian workers can travel and work freely in countries with higher incomes than Croatia such as England, Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark,…. The number of workers is very large.

Labor supply capacity in Vietnam

While Croatia is a country with a population of 3.6 million, the proportion of people in the retirement age of 1.2 million is equivalent to one-third of the elderly population who are no longer of working age, so Croatia lacks tens of thousands of positions with labor shortage.

Employers interview Vietnamese workers at Vietnam Manpower

There are more than 40 occupations where companies can directly import workers, and the most sought-after jobs include waiters, cooks, construction workers, nurses, teachers, IT professionals and truck driver.
Croatian companies in labor-intensive sectors such as tourism, hospitality and construction are recruiting heavily from abroad, with large numbers coming from countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal and India.

                   Negotiation session of Vietnam Manpowewer and company partner from Croatia
Labor supply capacity of Vietnam Manpower
Currently, Vietnam is a country with a working age of 68% of the total population of more than 100 million people, so Vietnam is a country with a very large working age with a great need to find jobs, especially Vietnamese workers with very good labor skills in some of the following occupations such as 3G welders, 6G welders, construction workers, agricultural workers, garment workers, food processing, fish processing, meat processing, working in factories factory production line.......
Vietnam Manpower is a leading supplier of skilled labor from Vietnam, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resource supply, labor supply worldwide. Vietnam Manpower has long-term cooperation on laborers to work abroad for a limited time, such as Japan providing 2000 workers annually, Taiwan providing 3,000 laborers, and Korea supplying 300 skilled workers. Welding ships, welding pipes, especially Vietnam Manpower is the first company in Vietnam to supply labor to work in European countries.
Vietnam Manpower has supplied labor for nearly 200 companies in the European Union, Vietnam Manpower has cooperated in supplying labor with countries such as, supplying labor to work in Poland, supplying labor to work in Hungary, Supply of labor to work in Slovakia, Supply of labor to work in Romania, Supply of labor to work in Denmark, supply of labor to work in Spain, supply of labor to work Supply of labor to work in Portugal, Supply of labor to work in the Czech Republic, Supply of labor to work in Greece, Supply of labor to work in Italy, Supply of labor to work in Austria, Supply of supply labor to work in Ireland, supply labor to work in Croatia, supply labor to work in Sweden....
Vietnam Manpower supplies construction workers, garment factory workers, 3G welders, 6G welders, mechanic workers, supply farm labor, supply labor for agriculture, supply labor in poultry processing factory, supply labor in seafood processing factory, supply labor for electronic factory, Supply of labors working in the field of nail making, supply of laborers working in restaurants, hotels, supply of laborers working in wood processing factories, Supply of electrician labor, supply of water system installation labor...............

                                               Supply 3G Welder, 6G Welder labor  

                                        Supply of labor for mechanical processing workers

                                                                     Supply Masons 

                                                            Supply of formwork workers

                                                             Labor supply steel fixer

Trade Test Scraffold

Check the skill of stone tilers

Trade Test Painter
Trade Test Plasterer
Supplying tailor labor
Labor supply for food processing workers

Supply chefs

Supply of agricultural labor, farm labor

Vietnam Manpower is a leading supplier of human resources in Vietnam with many years of prestigious experience around the world, we will bring the best human and labor service to each enterprise with labor shortage worldwide. labor supply throughout Europe, especially Vietnam Manpower is looking forward to cooperating with human resources suppliers in Croatia as well as companies with human resource needs from Croatia.
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