Economic and Employment Overview

With a total GDP of 78.95 billion USD, equivalent to 26,700 USD per capita in 2014, Lithuania has the largest economy of the Baltic countries. Although Lithuania was hit hard by the last financial crisis, it has recovered faster than any other country in the European Union and has seen total GDP growth every year since 2009.
Its economy is divided into three main sectors: services (68% of total GDP), industry (28%) and agriculture (4%). Since declaring itself an independent country in 1990, Lithuania has made a transition from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy, focusing on value-added products and services. and is currently one of the leading European countries in biotechnology, communication, and mechatronics. , and information technology.
This is demonstrated by the number of international technology, food and pharmaceutical companies with offices in the country, including Barclays Technology Center, GlaxoSmithKline, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Kraft Foods.
Foreigners working in Lithuania tend to work in highly skilled positions in technology, media or food processing companies, Welders, Construction Workers, Tailors, Drivers, Farmers Karma...

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Basic salary when working in Lithuania

The minimum wage in Lithuania as of Q1 2023 is 840 EUR per month. This amount is equivalent to 928 USD.
This is the minimum wage workers should receive, but they can get more than that. For example, in Vilnius (the capital), the average salary is 1,050 EUR per month.
The Labor Code stipulates that working hours cannot exceed 40 hours per week. That's why the minimum wage is calculated on a 40-hour workweek (8 hours a day).
In Lithuania, the minimum wage is decided by the government on the recommendation of the Tripartite Council. This council includes government representatives, employee and employer representatives and three independent experts.
Now let's look at the different factors that affect salaries in Lithuania.
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 Taxes in Lithuania
Foreigners living and working in Lithuania must pay income tax on their income. Unlike many European countries, Lithuania has a fixed income tax rate. This means that no matter how much you earn working in Lithuania, you will only pay 15% income tax.
However, expats should note that there is also a 6% health insurance contribution and a 3% social security contribution added to this 15% rate, bringing the total tax on income to 24%. .

Lithuania Manpower Solutions - Vietnam Manpower Supply ? 

Regarding the current labor market, data in the first quarter of 2023 from the General Statistics Office shows that the labor force aged 15 and over is 52.2 million people, an increase of 88.7 thousand people compared to the previous quarter. and an increase of more than one million people over the same period last year. The labor force participation rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 68.9%, up 0.8 percentage points over the same period last year. The number of employed workers continues to increase. In the first quarter of 2023, the number of people aged 15 and over with jobs reached 51.1 million people, an increase of 113.5 thousand people compared to the previous quarter, an increase of 1.1 million people. over the same period last year and an increase of 677.9 thousand people over the same period in 2019 (the year before the Covid-19 epidemic occurred). Thus, if we make good and effective use of this labor source, Vietnam will achieve success like many other countries have succeeded from the opportunity of golden population structure.
Capacity to Supply Skilled Labor to Work in Lithuania 
Vietnam Manpower Supplier is an experienced labor supplier providing skilled labor globally with 20 years of experience. Vietnam Manpower Supplier has provided skilled workers for 6G and 3G welding, construction workers, food processing factory workers, agricultural workers, tailors, and mechanical processing workers. With many years of experience in the field of human resource supply, Vietnam Manpower Supplier has provided skilled workers and workers such as welders, mechanics, pipe fitters, builders, tailors, and agricultural workers. industry for large contractors such as Hyundai, Sam Sung, Irem, Vard, Gomet, SPawrem, Pogat,
Amalco, Deawoo, Dry – Docks, Trilotazas, Engel Dali. Vietnam Manpower Supplier has sent 30,000 Vietnamese workers to work in countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, and Lithuania.
Vietnam Manpower has begun to cooperate with labor supply agencies in Lithuania and employers who need to recruit skilled Vietnamese workers, we have cooperated in supplying Vietnamese labor to Lithuania starting from In the 2020s, we will provide labor in fields such as welders, mechanical processing for shipbuilding and construction, construction workers, tailors, and agricultural workers rated by partner companies in Lithuania. The quality of Vietnamese labor skills is very good.
Welder labor supply
Interview to test installer skills
Check construction worker skills at Vietnam Manpower
Check construction worker skills at Vietnam Manpower
Supply of construction labor
Checking the skills of the formwork workers at Vietnam Manpower
Check the skills of garment workers at Vietnam Manpower
Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a leading company in Vietnam, a human resources agency providing the best skilled workers in the field of heavy industry, highly skilled workers in the construction field, providing agricultural workers. , providing factory workers, food processing workers, garment workers… Vietnam Manpower is looking forward to cooperating with companies and agents authorized to recruit workers to work. jobs in Lithuania, Vietnam Manpower is a labor supplier, providing the best skilled manpower services from Vietnam.

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