Supply capacity of 3G, 6G welders in Vietnam

Currently, Vietnam is a developing economy, so the construction industry, heavy industry construction, construction of thermal power plants, oil refineries, steel mills, shipyards in Vietnam are very developed.
After Vietnamese workers have worked and completed construction of factories, the workforce of 3G and 6G welders has a lot of surplus.

Vietnam Manpower is the leading supplier of welders in Vietnam and has participated in supplying welders working in multinational oil refinery projects in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience in supplying special human resources. Skilled workers are trained to issue welder certificates according to American and European Welder Association standards such as AWS, DNV, Gl, and are certified worldwide.

Vietnam Manpower has supplied 6 G welders in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Middle East, Europe, Korea, Australia, Canada, we have provided 3000 workers for project construction contractors, contractors shipbuilding, large processing factories such as SK, Doosan, Hyundai, Sam Sung, Irem, Aramco, Gosp A.B.C, Sinopec, Gomet, Vard, Spawrem, Stakotra Group, …..

Check the skills of welders to work in Europe

Vietnam Manpower is a unit that has a team of experts in the field of welding vocational training with certificates of experts in the field of welding training worldwide. AWS, ASME, European Standard EN, BS all workers will receive a certificate that is recognized worldwide.

Professional certification of Vietnam Manpower

Certified Welder of Labor

Supplying 6G welders to work in Slovakia

The Slovakian market is actually not strange to the Vietnamese labor force because since the 1980s, Vietnam has had a labor cooperation agreement with Czechoslovakia. Within the framework of this agreement, tens of thousands of Vietnamese laborers have been accepted by your side to work in many industries in factories and construction sites in two states, Czech and Slovakia (peak period, Vietnam). bring 40,000 workers to these two states).

From January 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two separate countries, Czech and Slovakia, the “labour flow” from Vietnam to these two markets gradually decreased. Since 2006, the Czech market has been restarted, while the Slovak market has been slower. Until mid-2007, Slovakia began to receive Vietnamese workers again.

According to statistics from Slovakia, there are currently about 800 Vietnamese workers coming to work in this country, mainly working in foreign-invested factories.

In the year 2022 to 2023, Vietnam Manpower has sent more than 50 6G pipe welders, 6G stainless steel welders to work in Slovakia for Stakotra Group, which is highly appreciated by the company for the skill level of workers. Welding 6 G Vietnam.

Stakotra Group Slovakia Company directly checks labor skills at Vietnam Manpower

Vietnam Manpower is a leading supplier of human resources in Vietnam with many years of prestigious experience around the world, we will bring the best human and labor service to each enterprise with labor shortage worldwide. labor supply throughout Europe, especially Vietnam Manpower is looking forward to cooperating with human resources suppliers in Slovakia as well as companies with human resource needs from Slovakia.
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