The Polshi economy has been expanding recently, and the local Labour market is increasingly in need of foreign workers. Only based on the statistics Provided by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign  Affairs, up to 2 million Ukrainians are employed there now, primarily in the service industry, construction, and agriculture. Also, some 40.000 Ukrainian students Were granted residency permits in Poland so they could attend nearby colleges.

Polshi economic growth and growing living standards draw a lot of applications, notably from nations with substantially lower average incomes, such Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. By the way, a Pole card, which grants several benefits and permits not only labour but also unfettered trade on Polish territory, is sought after by many foreigners. Let’s look at the occupations that will be in demand in Poland in 2023.

Labour market in Poland

In Poland, annual unemployment is limited to 5-7%. The percentage of foreign workers on the local labour market surged by more than 300% starting in 2014. The primary cause is Ukrainian seasonal and permanent employees. The need for foreign specialists is still present today. At the same time, the National Labour Inspectorate and the Polish Border Guard Service closely observe whether Polish employers and migrant workers possess permits the attest to lawful employment.

For anyone from outside the European Union who want work legally in Poland, the process often include looking for a job first, signing an employment contract, getting a work permit, and getting a Polish work visa. One of the primary requirements is that no Poles or Europeans apply for any open positions. Poland has harsh penalties for engaging in illegal professional activity, including expulsion from the nation and a subsequent entry restriction.

The most demanded professions in Poland

The most popular professions in Poland in 2023 are engineers, builders, programmers, agricultural workers drivers, cooks, movers. For men there are widely available professions of workers – welders, masons, fitters, turners, electricians, glaziers, concrete workers. Women can work as maids, cleaners, seamstresses, dishwashers, packers, cashiers, caretakers.

A study by the American company Manpower Group showed that in 2018 just half (51%) of Polish employers had difficulty filling vacancies, which is the highest rate in the last decade. In particular, there are shortages in engineers ( civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical specialties), accountants, auditors, financial analysts and It specialists.

Source of information from (atozserwisplus)


Meeting to discuss the supply of Vietnamese human resources to work in Poland

Labor supply capacity of Vietnam Manpower to work in Poland

Currently, Vietnam has 67.5% of the population of working age, so with a population of about 100 million, the number of people with working capacity is 67.5 million respectively. This is a great benefit in terms of labor due to the golden population structure, creating opportunities for rapid economic growth.

In 2022, the goal of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs is to send 90,000 Vietnamese workers to work abroad under contracts. However, by the end of the year, the total number of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad was 142,779 people, reaching 158.64% of the plan. This is also the highest growth rate in the past 3 years.

Previously, due to the heavy impact of Covid-19, this number in 2020 has decreased to more than 78,000 people and in 2021 is more than 45,000 people.

Japan is still the labor market that attracts the most Vietnamese workers in 2022 with 67,295 people, followed by Taiwan (China) markets with 58,598 workers, South Korea 9,968 workers, Singapore 1,822 workers. workers, China 910 employees, Romania 721 employees, Hungary 775 employees, Russia 467 employees, Poland 494 employees and other markets.

Employer from Poland recruits construction workers at Vietnam Manpower factory

In recent years, Vietnam Manpower has cooperated with employers in Poland to recruit occupations such as construction workers, welders, food processing workers, agricultural workers, and mechanics we have provided. supply labor for companies in Poland such as Partner Shipbuilding Company, labor supply for JWS Construction, Manpower Supply for WLT Company, Manpower Supply for BFS Plus, Manpower supply for Bartsp company, Cooperating with human resources supplier Labor 24H in Poland, Vietnam Manpower has supplied 150 workers from 2021 to 2023, our partners are satisfied with the skills and qualifications of the employees. Vietnamese workers are provided by Vietnam Manpower.

Employer from Poland recruits 3G and 6G welders at Vietnam Manpower factory

Employer from Poland recruits Tile workers at Vietnam Manpower factory

Supply of construction labor

Direct Interviews by employers for sausage processing company

Vietnam Manpower is a leading supplier of human resources in Vietnam with many years of prestigious experience around the world, we will bring the best human and labor service to each enterprise with labor shortage worldwide. Labor supply throughout Europe, especially Vietnam Manpower is looking forward to cooperating with human resources suppliers in Poland as well as companies with human resource needs from Poland.
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