Vietnam Manpower Supplier is one of the leading companies providing high quality labor supply services to countries around the world. We supply labor for almost every industry as well as almost every country In which, some of the following countries are familiar partners of Vietnam Manpower Supplier.

  1. Labor supply for Australia

Australia is a country with a developed economy with many attractive job opportunities. However, the shortage of specialized workers has affected many professions. According to a report by the Australian National Skills Commission, there are currently 286 occupations with a labor shortage

The supply of labor by Vietnam Manpower Supplier in Australia helps businesses quickly respond to the shortage of skilled workers. Candidates are carefully selected and meet the requirements of businesses, and are supported with paperwork and moving procedures, saving time and costs for businesses.


Partner from Australia meets with Vietnam Manpower to provide Vietnamese workers to work in Australia

  1. Labor supply for New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with a developed economy and is facing labor shortages in many industries, especially in the construction, service and agriculture sectors. Labor shortages are causing difficulties for businesses in New Zealand.

Labor supply of Vietnam Manpower Supplier in New Zealand helps businesses quickly respond to the shortage of skilled workers. The candidates are selected and professionally trained according to the requirements of the partners, ensuring optimal efficiency for the business and the most economical cost.

Partner from New Zealand meets with Vietnam Manpower to provide Vietnamese workers to work in New Zealand

  1. Labor supply for Canada

Canada is a developed country with a strong economy and diverse industries. However, with the development of industries, Canada is facing the challenge of a shortage of high-quality labor, especially in areas such as construction, processing and hotel services.

With many years of experience in supplying labor to the international market, Vietnam Manpower Supplier has built a network of reliable partners in Canada to provide high-quality human resources for businesses here. Candidates are carefully selected from prestigious vocational schools and universities in Vietnam and have been trained in professional knowledge, soft skills, languages, and the latest technical processes. At the same time, Vietnam Manpower Supplier also ensures punctuality, prestige and high quality in the recruitment and human resource allocation processes.

Partner from New Zealand recruits Vietnamese welders to work in New Zealand

  1. Labor supply for Hungary

In Hungary, the industry is growing and needs a lot of high-quality workers, especially in the fields of engineering, construction, welding, mechanics, electronics, food and pharmaceuticals. These are the industries that are in great demand in Hungary.

 However, the country is facing the problem of shortage of high-quality labor force. Companies in Hungary are having a hard time finding the right quantity and quality of workers to meet the requirements of the jobs.

Therefore, Vietnam Manpower Supplier provides labor supply services for businesses in Hungary. This is a solution to help solve the problem of labor shortage in Hungary by finding and providing businesses here with high-quality, skilled and experienced workers that match the requirements of the job.

It can be seen that, by using the labor supply service of Vietnam Manpower Supplier, European businesses can save time and costs in the process of recruiting and training human resources, while ensuring the quality of human resources needed to develop their business. From there, businesses can focus on their core business and achieve higher economic efficiency.

A company from Hungary came to Vietnam Manpower’s vocational training center to recruit construction workers

Above is information about Vietnam Manpower Supplier’s labor supply services for countries in Europe. With many years of experience in the industry, Vietnam Manpower Supplier always ensures the quality of labor supply services, helping businesses in other countries get high-quality human resources to develop their businesses. If you are looking for human resources, please contact us via HOTLINE (+84) 982.03.03.66 or EMAIL for detailed advice!

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