Welder is one of the important professions in the manufacturing and construction industry. However, like many other countries, Hungary is also facing a shortage of welders. Therefore, the service of supplying welders from Vietnam has become an effective solution for Hungarian businesses in finding high-quality human resources. So, why do construction projects in Hungary choose the service of supplying welders in Vietnam? All will be in the content below!

According to a report by the European Economic and Social Council (EESC), Hungary has one of the highest labor shortage rates in the European Union, with about 80,000 vacancies in 2019. Due to high labor demand in related industries such as construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding, Hungary is currently facing a shortage of welders. This seriously affected the industry of this country. This is an urgent problem that Hungarian businesses are facing.

Vietnamese Welders Test Their Skills to Work in Europe

Faced with this situation, many Hungarian businesses have chosen the service of supplying Vietnamese welders. Because this service has many outstanding advantages.

The first advantage is the supply of skilled human resources. With many years of experience and professional training, Vietnamese welders are highly appreciated for their quality and skills. Vietnamese welders are trained with high-quality standards and skills, meeting the requirements of domestic and foreign businesses. They are also capable of working with different types of materials, from steel to aluminum and alloys, and can be adapted to a variety of working conditions.

In addition, Vietnamese welders are also highly appreciated for their carefulness and professionalism in their work. They have a high sense of responsibility and always try to complete the work with the best quality. This helps them to be assessed as highly capable and skilled workers in the welding field.

In particular, the welder supply service is also cost-competitive compared to the fact that Hungarian enterprises directly recruit welders from other countries.

However, to achieve the best effect, choosing a reputable and quality welder human resource supplier is very important in the recruitment process. Vietnam Manpower Supplier Company is one of the leading units in supplying human resources for welders in Vietnam.

Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a company specializing in providing high-quality recruitment and labor supply services for domestic and foreign companies. With more than 15 years of experience in human resource supply, Vietnam Manpower Supplier is proud to be one of the leading and most reliable companies in Vietnam.

6G Welder Skills Training Vietnam

The company has a team of experienced and professional staff, ensuring dedicated advice and providing high-quality human resources for customers. Vietnam Manpower also ensures the selection and inspection of all necessary documents and certificates for each candidate, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the human resource supply process.

In addition, Vietnam Manpower Supplier also offers comprehensive solutions to help partner businesses save costs and time in the recruitment process. The company’s services include personnel recruitment, labor supply, training, recruitment consulting, and many other services.

It can be seen that Vietnam’s welding manpower supply service is increasingly being appreciated by foreign partners because of the professionalism and high skills of Vietnamese workers. The demand for welder recruitment in developed countries is still very large and Vietnam can meet that demand with a large number of high-quality laborers and reasonable prices. The development of Vietnam’s welding manpower supply service not only helps workers have job opportunities and increase income but also contributes to the country’s economic development, growth, and international integration.

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