In the early days of 2024, Vietnam Manpower Supply Company signed a contract to supply 100 construction workers, Welders, and Mechanics to work at Concelex Romania Company. With the start of 2024, construction contractors in the Romanian market need to provide thousands of highly skilled workers to work at Romanian construction companies.

Workers prepare to have their skills tested by the employer, Concelex Romania

Check Employee’s CV Information.

Vietnam Manpower Supply is a company with a recruitment system with more than 100 employees and links to vocational school systems throughout the territory of Vietnam, when workers begin to register for the part-time work program. Overseas term Vietnam Manpower Supply has checked steps such as: Medical examination for each employee, worker applying, checking work experience information, checking the ability to perform the jobs. , checking profile information, passports, justice… with the aim of classifying the best occupations and skills for workers applying for the best skills test.

With nearly 10 years of supplying Construction labor, Welders, Mechanics, workers to work in Romania, Vietnam Manpower Supply has brought more than 5,000 workers to 40 small and medium-sized companies in Romania in various industries. such as Construction, Agriculture, Food Processing, Factory Workers, Shipbuilding Workers…. Vietnam Manpower Supply offers the best labor inspection procedures.

Employers Directly Test Vietnamese Workers’ Skills

Test Mechanical Worker Skills

The employer checks the employee’s job information on the CV, evaluates the employee’s skills and job abilities, the employee uses tools and machinery at work, knows how to read Types of detailed drawings in mechanical processing, jobs the employee has ever done, work projects the employee has participated in.

Skills Test: The employer of Concelex Company requires Vietnam Manpower Supply workers to perform some basic tasks related to the field of mechanical processing such as reading technical drawings, using cutting machines, and machines. grinding, welding, and then checking the products that workers perform according to assigned drawings, requiring mechanical processing workers to be proficient in machinery, measuring tools, and to recognize various types of objects. Whether.

Employer Supervises skills testing of Vietnamese mechanical processing workers

Check labor safety: Employers check that workers are fully aware of the safety risks of using mechanical machinery to perform mechanical processing work.

Welder Skills Test

The employer checks the welder’s CV information to see if the worker’s experience level is suitable for the job at Concelex Romania company. The employer will conduct a test for the welder candidate on 2F and 3G joint welding exercises to evaluate the butt welding skills and fillet welding skills of the workers.

Testing the Welding Skills of Workers at Vietnam Manpower Supply

The user observes the assembly operation on the product, performs a welding skills test, observes the adjustment of the welding machine, checks the welding material, adjusts the welding source, and adjusts the angle of the user’s welding technique. labor. Evaluate whether the product has no welding defects, no burned edges, gas leaks, or product warping. Assess awareness of welding gas fire and explosion prevention, safe use, welding tools and equipment, and labor protection when performing welding work.

Check Construction Worker Skills

An employer from Romania tested the Construction skills of Vietnam Manpower Supply workers to evaluate the best skills of the workers. The checking steps are in accordance with Vietnam Manpower Supply’s labor recruitment process with steps such as checking the employee’s CV information, the employee’s work experience, and the skills and abilities of Vietnamese employees in order to determine the best candidates. The best manual skill testing content for workers.

Vietnamese Construction Workers Perform Mason Skills Test.

Vietnamese Construction Worker Completes Builder’s Exam

The owner evaluates the construction skills of Vietnamese workers using the V-shaped construction test to assess seamless construction techniques, perpendicular techniques, and straight lines when checking the balance of the Mason test.

Female construction worker

Vietnam Manpower Supply provides female construction workers who have good skills and health when participating in the test.

                                                         Labor supply steel fixer
                                                       Supply of formwork workers
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resource supply, Vietnam Manpower Supply has provided more than 10 thousand workers in the field of construction and mechanical processing, Vietnam Manpower Supply is considered a good company by contractors from Romania. Leading in Vietnam in the field of training and supplying highly skilled construction human resources to work in Romania. Vietnam Manpower Supply hopes to cooperate with large contractor companies in Romania and human resource service businesses in Romania in 2024.
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