For many foreign businesses, finding and hiring employees can be a significant challenge. In some cases, the use of labor supply services is the optimal solution to meet the personnel needs of enterprises. In this article, we will see when foreign businesses should use labor supply.

  1. Businesses need to recruit temporary or short-term employees

When businesses need to recruit employees in a short time to meet business needs quickly, hiring employees through labor supply is also an optimal choice compared to direct recruitment.


Using labor supply can help businesses save time and money in the process of recruiting, training and managing employees. In addition, when the project ends, the enterprise can easily terminate the labor contract with the temporary hired employee.

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  1. Enterprises face difficulties in finding and retaining employees

Finding and retaining employees is a difficult problem for most businesses, regardless of industry. Especially, for foreign businesses wishing to recruit Vietnamese workers, finding and retaining employees in a different working environment and culture can become a big challenge.

Companies may face problems such as wage disparities between countries, changes in policies and laws, and competition with businesses in the same field. In these cases, labor supply can be a leading solution to meet immediate hiring needs and reduce recruitment and retention risks.

Another benefit of labor supply for foreign enterprises is the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the workforce without having to invest a lot in recruiting and training new employees. Businesses can easily adjust the amount of labor needed at a particular time, depending on the business situation and different requirements.

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  1. When the business needs to increase output and expand business

When a business needs to expand its business and produce more goods or services but cannot find enough domestic workers to meet its needs. In this case, using international labor supply is the effective solution. Labor supply allows businesses to access diverse human resources from other countries like Vietnam, helping businesses increase output and improve work productivity with a young and quality workforce.

  1. When the business lacks personnel

When businesses are short of staff, or when employees quit or are suddenly laid off, using labor supply can help quickly meet recruitment needs. Often, businesses will face production delays or have to cancel some important projects when there is a shortage of personnel. However, with the support of labor suppliers from Vietnam, enterprises can recruit new personnel to quickly respond to production and customer service needs.

However, before using labor supply, enterprises should find out and ensure that labor suppliers meet requirements for quality and labor safety, and at the same time ensure that the process of recruitment and distribution of labor is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law.

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