Examination of vocational skills for training and maintenance of international registration certificates is an annual activity of Vietnam Manpower Joint Stock Company. On June 20, 2020, the company successfully organized the first contest in 2017 for pipe and shell under strict supervision of Vietnam Manpower’s experts.

The Vietnam Manpower’s plan & policy to promote the high – tech welder training movement in Viet Nam to choose the best welders to meet the highly skilled manpower demand of some big construction or oil & gas groups and corporations in the world, Vietnam Manpower held an annual welder contest with 40 participants coming from local provinces in Viet Nam.

First group of welder candidates were ready for the contest

  1. The contest’s candidates & standards: Any candidates holding the Tig/Co2, 6G certificate or who have high- qualified welding skill.
  2. The contest place & time detail: At VXT Training Center that belongs to Vietnam Manpower Supplier –  VXT Group

Date: 20/06/2017

Morning : +  7:30 am – 8am: Roll- calls, contest rule announcement

+  8 am – 11h30 am: Practical test

+  11:30 am – 1:30 pm : Take the break

+  1:30 pm – 5 pm: Practical test

  1. The contest rules

– The time for 1 work -piece to be finished is 90 minutes: Tig : 30 minutes and Co2: 1 hour

–  Any candidates finish the work piece longer than the above time limits will be failed

–  If the welding lining is unsatisfactory, it will be eliminated immediately

–  The scores according to ASME IX standards is applied ( Independent registration unit + VXT Manpower’s expert). The welder is all beautiful and there are no welding defects or defects within the permissible range.

 Those are some photos during the welder contest:


Product quality is always a top concern and deeply aware of each employee of Vietnam Manpower. For years, Vietnam Manpower is proud to be a unit with a good team of welders that performs well the welding work on steel and aluminum materials. Most of Vietnam Manpower pipe welders are trained to be granted a certificate of welding in 6G – this is a complex welding posture, combining multiple positions in one welding line, requiring skilled workers with high welding skills. For shell welders, most welders are trained to perform porcelain lining wells in both 2G and 3G positions. In order to expand the welder’s ability, in 2017, Vietnam Manpower increased training of shell welders for 4G certification. This is a necessary condition for welders when performing welding jobs in difficult positions on the ship.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Nguyen Nam

Cellphone/ Whatssap/Viber:

Hotline: (+84) 982.03.0366

Email: namnq.vtc@gmail.com


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