After such a long time of social distancing time due to Covid 19, on June18, 2020, Vietnam Manpower (VXT Group) has started opening the business again to carry out a recruitment campaign to hire 30 female electronics workers for Universal Microelectronics Co, Ltd in Taiwan.  

Our esteemed partner in Tai Chung City, Taiwan – the Universal Microelectronics Co, Ltd requested us to hire 30 female workers (both new and Taiwan returned candidates) to work at the industrial park having address of 408, Taichung City, Nantun District, Taiwan.

Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets electronic components and computer peripherals. The Company’s products include switching power supply, transformers, adapters, video phones, and internet screen phones. The job description of recruited electronics workers are the tasks relating to electronics board manufacturing, battery, adapters……etc.

The Taiwan partner asked us to recruit candidates with the following requirements:


To fulfill the Taiwan partner’s requirement, Vietnam Manpower has prepared carefully in term of candidate’s quality and quantity.

All the candidates have to go through 3 tests before they’d be successfully hired by employers:

The 1st part is the pre- screening interview.  After the cautious pre- screening interview with all entrants, we chose out the best 90 candidates for employer’s official interview round via skype.

The 2nd part is IQ test. All the candidates had to sit for the IQ examination by filling in the IQ Test form.

The 3rd part is the official interview by Universal Microelectronics Co, Ltd.’s representatives. The employer interviewed all the candidates by asking them all the necessary questions to know deeply about their experience, characteristics and their attitude. They also asked them to perform some basic tasks like using chopsticks to get the beans in the bowl as quickly as possible. By this, they could test their accuracy and speed during work time.

After the recruitment campaign finishes, Vietnam Manpower felt very happy because we helped our partner, Universal Microelectronics Co, Ltd successfully recruited 30 workers for their factory in Taiwan. We wish all the best to the selected candidates. Wish them having good jobs to earn as much as money as possible for their family.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Nguyen Nam          

Cellphone/ Whatssap/Viber:

Hotline: (+84) 985.02.9966




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